Loss Poem

Poem About Loss Of Grandmother And Best Friend

I utilize writing as an outlet. My grandmother, who also raised me as a mother and acted as a best friend, passed away on August 7, 2016. The loss left me with these words that flowed out as smoothly as the tears that rushed down my face. She was the glue that held me together, but now she is the wind that pushes me forward.

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I've Always Been The Lucky One

Katelyn E. Dodd © more by Katelyn E. Dodd

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2017

My soul has been split in two.
The better piece of me is still with you.
I'll carry your memory with me always.
One step at a time for the rest of my days.

You helped me love by showing me the way.
You took my hand and promised you would stay.
You let me yell when I needed to feel heard.
You gave me advice when I wanted to save the world.

I watched you grow weak, though I tried to deny it.
The proof was in front of me, but I attempted to hide it.
How selfish is it that I'm angry because you've gone away?
I just cannot fathom why you could not stay.

I had to give you permission to go,
Before I could discover everything that you know.
All of your stories, how I long to hear.
My soul feels so empty, but my eyes are full of tears.

I had to pretend to be okay,
To make the most of your final days.
When deep down, I think we both knew
That I feel an emptiness without you.

I have no earthly idea who I would be
Without the vital traits you passed on to me.
How will I be able to suffice?
Without your unmatched and worldly advice?

You're the light that guides me home, the anchor that holds me steady.
I know that I'll never be alone, but I don't think I'd ever be ready.
You're the flower that gives me hope, but my heart still feels so heavy;
And I've always been the lucky one.

I could just go on forever.
It was always you and me against the world together.
Though now I feel so very alone.
I know the Lord has called you home.

But my soul is still split in two.
The better half of me remains with you;
Oh, but you let me yell when I needed to feel heard,
And you gave me advice when I wanted to save the world.


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