Wife Death Poem

Anticipating The Death Of A Loved One

I wrote this poem to my wife in 1999, after thinking about how it might be if I were to lose her to death. She actually died this year, on her birthday, August 19. She was 88 years old, and we had been married for 66 years. She was my best friend, a wonderful mother to five children and a loving grandmother of seven grandchildren.

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Just Beyond The Hill

David J. Flood ©

Published: February 25, 2020

When you go away,
As I know you will,
Please wait for me
Just beyond the hill.

And when I come,
It won't be long,
We'll hold our hands
And sing our song.

You'll be my pal
We'll watch the waves
Caress the shore.

We'll travel here
And settle there,
Always as One
Will be our prayer.

And if I go first,
As may be God's will,
I'll wait for you
Just beyond the hill.


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