Wife Death Poem

Death Is Not The End

After losing a loved one, life is never the same. I lost my wife, Ann, in 2010. I believe death is not the end. Even now 8 years later, all these little signs in my poem give me comfort.

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Little Signs


Published: July 12, 2018

When a loved one passes on,
Their spirit never dies.
And as we journey on alone,
They're always by our side.

Yes, I believe this happens
From little things I see.
Each day a little message
An angel reveals to me.

A whisper of the breeze
On a quiet summer's day
Is a voice from an angel
Who sadly passed away.

The gently falling rain
That lingers upon my face
Are the tears falling from heaven
From a wife I can never replace.

The first snowflakes of winter
Are an angel's frozen tears.
A reminder of the love we shared
Telling me you are near.

A falling leaf in autumn
Is just another sign
To let me know you're watching me
And I'm still on your mind.

Yes, all these little signs,
They help me to believe
That death is not the end
And you're still here with me.

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