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I don't need to be a follower in order to be accepted. I am who I am. Accept me for who I am.

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It's a really cool poem, kudos to you. Anytime, I think about composing one, I cry buckets instead. Being a teen is really difficult.

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Just Because


Published: August 2008

Just because I have never done drugs, doesn't mean I'm not cool.
Just because I am a virgin, doesn't make me lame.
Just because I'm not a fighter, doesn't mean I'm weak.
Just because I am not a party girl, doesn't mean I can't hang.
Just because I get good grades, doesn't mean I'm a nerd.
Just because teachers like me, doesn't mean I am a teacher's pet.
Just because I am not a rebel, doesn't mean I'm scared.
Just because I am quiet, doesn't mean I don't speak up for what I believe in.
Just because I have morals, doesn't make me a goody two shoes.
Just because I walk away from trouble, doesn't make me a pushover.
Just because I think before I act, doesn't make me a loser.

I am who I am, and this is who I shall forever be.
I do not care what others think of me.
Like me or not, that is your choice.
Accept me for who I am.

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  • by Snober Jahan
  • 1 year ago

This poem is heart touching and resembles me. Hats off to the poet! LOVE IT SO MUCH.

  • by Black Widdow, manchester
  • 1 year ago

That has inspired me. Thank you for inspiring me, and never let anyone bully you or peer pressure you into doing anything you don't wanna do. You go girl.

  • by Nova
  • 1 year ago

I love this poem so much because this poem pretty much explains who I am besides the rebel part and party girl. I have just found this poem yesterday after school and have showed literally more than half of the 6th grade at Smith in Cleburne Texas. #Yougogirl

  • by The Truth
  • 1 year ago

I absolutely love this poem! It's actually kind of funny that I found this poem again because last year I did a book of poems for a project and the poems were all inspiring ones, and this is one that I chose. You're an amazing writer, and your poems inspire me all the time.

  • by Stephanie Robinson
  • 2 years ago

This is so true. I think people shouldn't judge others on what they act like, dress like, or what kind of grades they get.

  • by Joy Uchennaya
  • 2 years ago

It's a really cool poem, kudos to you. Anytime, I think about composing one, I cry buckets instead. Being a teen is really difficult.

  • by Lonely_sheep
  • 3 years ago

I freakin love this poem. It basically describe my whole life. I love your wording. Keep up the good work.

  • by Mattison L
  • 3 years ago

I can understand what you feel. I'm quite too but I try to speak for myself, but I just need to find the courage. All my friends tell me I'm shy, but I try not to be. Not a lot of people know the real me. Alone I'm loud and I scream, I want someone who understands. I hate fake friends, or if you tell me I love your hair then turn behind my back and say it's hideous. I hope you and I both find someone who will accept us for the real us, not the mask.

  • by Tammy, Can't Say
  • 3 years ago

Hey, this is so easy to relate to but I'm sorry you feel this way, but it's nice to know you're happy to be yourself, do not let the hater get you down!

  • by Hannah Elizabeth
  • 4 years ago

This is awesome :O
Very inspiring, I used to be called a teacher's pet because my teacher would let me do whatever and of course I only think she liked me because I was quiet. I always did what she asked. I hardly got good grades at that time. Kids are just mean now, as Miss Maya said, they're out there having sex at the age of what...12? It's rare to find a person who cares now, who actually understands the pain others go through. Thank you for submitting such a great, inspirational poem. :)

  • by Michaela, Virginia
  • 5 years ago

I can so relate to this I'm in college and this is exactly how I feel all the time so thanks for letting me know I'mnot the only one that goes through this :)

  • by Maya Griffin, GA
  • 6 years ago

I was picked on and called names because I wasn't bad and didn't do drugs, but all of those kids that were doing drugs and having sex at a young age don't have anything in life today. They are living on the street and struggling, but because I didn't hang with them I have money, I own my own business, and I went to college and got married. Let this be a life lesson to kids out there that are being called names because they are not doing the bad things that kids think are cool, be above the influence and live, write.

  • by Jemima, England
  • 7 years ago

I feel so much the same. Everyone at my school hates me. I don't know why but I agree with all those things. They all apply to me. I have used this poem for a piece of homework where part was to find a poem. This is absolutely amazing and makes people like me and the writer I suppose very clear with what we are like. Absolutely amazing xx

  • by Josh Lablanc
  • 7 years ago

Just because I'm a guy

Just because I'm a guy,
Doesn't mean I'm not sensitive,
Doesn't mean I'm strong and threatening,
Doesn't mean I'm failing all my classes,
Doesn't mean I'm always so slovenly,
Doesn't mean I can't have a broad vocabulary,
And doesn't mean I play COD all day.

Just because I'm a guy,
Doesn't mean I can't be a computer nerd,
Doesn't mean I can't be cool and a computer nerd,
Doesn't mean I can't be in a good relationship with anyone that lasts more than a month,
Doesn't mean I have to be in one,
Doesn't mean I'm not shy,
Doesn't mean I watch NFL all day,
And definitely doesn't mean I can't watch My Little Ponies : Friendship is Magic.

Just because I'm a guy,
Doesn't mean I have to be popular,
Doesn't mean I want to be popular at all,
Doesn't mean I'm friends with everyone in the school,
And doesn't mean my friends are just wannabe me's.

Just because I'm a guy,
Doesn't mean you can boss me around or base me off of stereotypes.

  • by Victoria, Texas
  • 8 years ago

Love this!!! We are doing this in class and I think you are a real inspiration! Nice job!

  • by Chelsea
  • 10 years ago

I understand exactly what this is saying I know what it is like to be told I am something just because I don't do the things they do... I get what this is exactly

  • by Jonathon Carey
  • 10 years ago

omg.....this poem is so awesome. I think that it will and has touched so many teens even thou people think the opposite this is many of us....good going honey...keep writing

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