Abuse Poem

My Dad Was A Monster

My dad was a monster, he sexually abused me for 3 years. This poem is a part of my healing journey

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© more by Alisha Ford

Published by Family Friend Poems March 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I saw a monster, I promise he was real,
A presence haunting with a touch you could feel.
His footsteps echoed like a beast's heavy tread,
A roar of laughter that filled me with dread.

No piercing yellow eyes, no razor-sharp teeth,
Yet cruelty manifested a silent, sinister beneath.
He wore no fangs, no claws on display.
Yet his actions are a predator's in a more subtle way.

A living nightmare, not confined to tales.
With a grasping hand as sharp as nails.
A figure once gentle, now an expression of rage,
Creating havoc on his abusive rampage.

His words and actions poison the air,
Memories and stories impossible to bear.
His voice like thunder, sharp and cruel,
A monster's tongue is a venomous tool.

A creature unseen, a master of disguise,
My father, a monster with familial ties.
He created nightmares, chased away dreams, 
A horrific man with a monstrous scheme.

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