Mother's Day Poem

Mothers Day Poem Reminiscing About Mum

This poem looks back on childhood memories though the eyes of a mother and son as they reminisce about the passing of her husband and explores the perhaps great love of partners of the post war generation. Where they better people then or did they need each other more to survive. The reader is invited to answer this question for themselves but as we were not part of this generation we cannot answer definitively --- we can only guess. Happy mothers day to all the mothers who read this.

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Yes, I was touched by this poem. I too live alone and miss my husband more than I can say. We too met when I was just 16 years old. We were married for well over 50 years. Thank you for...

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Mothers Day At Mum’s

© more by Samuel Aragone

Published by Family Friend Poems May 12, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I smelt the smile of childhood
I had woken up and smiled
It was my mother's cooking
And I was just a child

But I had long been married
And this was but a dream
And I was missing mum
Or her cooking it would seem

So I woke my wife up and kissed her
And wished her happy mothers day
The mother of my children
Even more special on this special day

Then in the early morning's dark
I hurried of to mums -still sleeping still alone
For it had been many years
Since my father's soul had flown

I started cooking in her kitchen
All the ingredients were still there
And soon the familiar smell of home
Was hanging in the air

Mum woke and ambled into the room
Disoriented she thought I was her long gone man
And she gave a little sigh and whimpered
When she realized it was only her son Sam

As tears filled her eyes she whispered
I still miss him son I do
For in the early morning's light
He looked so much like you

And my mother's day always began
Much as you have there
With breakfast in the kitchen
And Dean Martin in the air

And we would dance our little dance
As we did on the day we met
Oh God my son I miss him
I miss him so much yet

So I put the record on
And Deano rose through the gloom
And I gently twirled my mother
Around that little room

And we were both crying as we danced
There was nothing I could do
And it took all the strength I had to whisper
To whisper 'mum I miss him so much too'

But she did not hear she was not there
She was hearing nothing then
For in her mind's eye and soul
She was dancing with her man again

And I could see in her eyes
The sparkle that another man had seen
When he was twenty one
And she was just sixteen

And the love that passed between them
I have seen so many times
In the generation who came before us
Who experienced the worst of times

Did surviving poverty depression war
Make them better women and men
Did they simply need each other more
Or were they better people then

Has prosperity peace and greed
Altered the balance of love somehow
Did they love each more
Then we love each other now

And sure love exists in our generation
Though it seems so much less so
Are we so very different now
Then the souls of long ago

But the music finally ended
Together with the remnants of the night
Mum's stoicism returned and she said
"go home to your wife son I will be alright'

So I quickly turned to go
There was nothing left to say
To this little woman who had borne me
"Except happy Mothers' Day
To My unforgettable indispensable ever loving mum"


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Yes, I was touched by this poem. I too live alone and miss my husband more than I can say. We too met when I was just 16 years old. We were married for well over 50 years. Thank you for your poem. Best wishes, Ann.

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