Wedding Poem

A Mother's Emotions At Daughter's Wedding

Giving away a daughter's hand in marriage is one of the most emotional moments in a mother's life. Her heart is filled with joy for her daughter, but her smile also hides the tender tears that well up at the thought of parting with her little angel.

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My Dear Daughter...

Puja Bhakoo ©

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2017 with permission of the Author.

In just a few days,
You'll start a new life
As a brand new bride
...As someone's wife

Tomorrow, my dear
As you walk down the aisle
With cheer in your heart,
And that million dollar smile

My own smile will hide
A few tender tears
Wrapped in memories of
Your wonder years

A gush of nostalgia
An emotional swirl
Engulfs me as I reminisce
About my little girl

It's hard not to go down
The memory lane
... Sprinkled with acres
Of sunshine and rain

You were a bundle of joy
With curly locks,
Who enthralled the family
With her baby talks

You unified my fragments
Into a whole
We became two bodies
Wrapped in a soul

Our bond, our connect
Was hard to define
My thoughts were yours
Your emotions were mine

In your happiness I laughed
In my pain, you cried
For each other
- The entire world we defied

Sometimes you were vulnerable
Sometimes in doubt
But we drew strength from each other
And always worked things out

Standing here today
I look back and think
How those years with you
Melted away in a blink

From a cuddly kid, you've morphed
To a lissome bride
A handsome prince charming
By your side

On this happy path
May you both walk together
Nourished by the sunshine
Of your love for each other

Walking you down the aisle
I will struggle not to cry
For this is a new beginning
Not a goodbye

The best phase of life
Has only just begun
I'm not losing a daughter
I'm gaining a son

Remember my baby
As you become his wife
You are, and will always be,
The nucleus of my life

Just remember, time or distance
Can never do us apart
You'll find me there
In every beat of your heart


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