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My name is Suzanne. I was born in Belgium Europe in 1956. Married an American in 1978. I have two sons. 24 and 28 and five adopted cats.These cats keep me on my toes.
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An adorable poem for a cat lover. This poem reminds me of all the cats I used to have and will have.

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My Five Kitty Cats


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

Buster, Sparkle, Newbie, Speedy
and then there's Pixie our smallest kitty,
One, two, three and four and five,
they're so frisky, so alive.

Sparkle is my number one,
14 years old and so much fun.
Purrs and snuggles on my shoulder,
she's getting slow and somewhat older.
She meows for water from the sink,
I turn it on, for her to drink.

Speedy is my number two,
proud and handsome, I tell you!
He prances like a little pony,
and you know what? That's no baloney.
He guards the others from above,
and sometimes gives a little shove.

Newbie is my number three,
chubby, plump as one can be.
Always cleaning, always licking,
he tries to run but his paws keep sticking.
He keeps on searching for a hand,
to scratch under his collar band.

Buster is my number four,
always eating, more and more.
Loves to snack on lots of munchies,
Tender Vittles and some crunchies.
Begging, pleading, day and nights.
"Give me crunchies, or I'll bite!"

Pixie is my number five,
She jumps, rolls over, takes a dive.
Up my back, onto my shoulder,
hoping I would grab and hold her.
Then she jumps to catch a fly,
She's four months old, my sweetie pie.

Buster, Sparkle, Newbie, Speedy,
and there's Pixie our smallest kitty.
Five, four, three and two and one,
I love my kitty cats, they're so much fun.


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  • Justin by Justin
  • 5 years ago

I just adored this poem! It allowed me to explore on every possible personality of a kitten. Suzanne Hofbauer is such a lucky person to own those kittens.

  • Jenny Phillips by Jenny Phillips
  • 5 years ago

An adorable poem for a cat lover. This poem reminds me of all the cats I used to have and will have.

  • Izzi by Izzi
  • 6 years ago

So cute. I love cats and dogs (especially kittens and puppies). Aw.

  • Harish Davda by Harish Davda
  • 6 years ago

This poem made me smile. I wanted to know more about the cats. How wonderful they are, each with a personality and a funny side that you captured so well. Thank you so much!

  • Marguerite PoulePoule JeanJean by Marguerite PoulePoule JeanJean
  • 6 years ago

I read this poem in class 2 years ago, and my friends still tease me about it. Now we've included it in our play about really stupid people. Thanks :)

  • Jessica Tawadrous by Jessica Tawadrous
  • 8 years ago

Omg this is the cutest poem and it's about your actual cats so it makes it even better!

  • Jessica Tawadrous by Jessica Tawadrous
  • 8 years ago

Omg! Thank u so much! I was running out of time to memorize a poem to recite to my class and this helped me so much!

  • Paris by Paris, Greece
  • 9 years ago

Great poem! Made me laugh. I have three cat's my own, love them to bits I do!

  • Ash by Ash, USA
  • 9 years ago

I love this poem. I used it to recite it for my drama class. They all loved it! And I said it was by you don't worry I didn't take any credit.! I love this poem. Great job!!

  • Rebekah Ashley Gabrielle Nicole Melder by Rebekah Ashley Gabrielle Nicole Melder
  • 10 years ago

I have 2 cats They are both tabbies 1 is orange his name is Oliver and 1 is black with a mix of tan her name is ashes. This poem is the best cat poem ever written and I really like the one about speedy the best!

  • Lindsey by Lindsey
  • 10 years ago

I love this poem it made me laugh. It reminds me of my own cats!

  • dan by dan
  • 15 years ago

this poem was hilarious. especially the buster stanza.

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