Grief Poem

Saying Goodbye To Your Beloved Pet

I always wanted to get a dog but growing up, I wasn't allowed one. Then, when I got married and had two children, I finally got my dog. This poem was written in 2023 for that recently departed dog, "Charlie." Charlie was a 14-year-old Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier who gave it all. He made everyone smile when they saw him. He was friendly, handsome, funny, and the best of listeners. I will miss my furry friend forever and forget him "Nevermore."

From Edgar Allen Poe's 

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Ada M. Aguilar ©

Published by Family Friend Poems April 7, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Desolate and yet enchanted by your loss,
I am your Boss no more.

Haunted by your memories,
You welcomed me like a queen and yet it was You that was royalty, loyalty was your middle name.

What's in a name?! What's in a name?!
I can't play this game anymore. How I long to see you if just once more.

My Little omnivore,
So proud you walked, commanding the day and night. Now, I cry me down to sleep
For you lost the fight. In-flight to somewhere else.

Perhaps with someone else,
My journey now alone is long and the chains heavy on my feet
Like a sheep, you sleep

Alas, the angel has arrived and taken you in her arms; I pretend not to understand, I unfriend, condemn, my selfish soul resists the end 

I implore you to return my dear Friend,
But the Raven scratched at my door for the last time, and now I will see you


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