Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Poem Expressing Hurt From Boyfriend's Betrayal

A couple days after my two year anniversary, my "friend" called me and told me that she was sleeping with my boyfriend while we were going out. I tried to confront him about it, and he was making excuses about it and told me that he would never betray me like that. It turns out that they were taking "pictures" the night they hooked up, and I saw them. After that, he has tried to get back together with me, but he just wanted to play me like every other guy.

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Now I Know


Published: March 2016

You crushed me,
Can't you see?
I thought we were meant to be.

Lead me on night by night,
And you have no regrets in sight.
I thought you were an angel from above,
But you gave my heart a great big shove.

I didn't know what to expect.
I thought you had a lot more respect.
Fill my head up with your lies,
And swat them away like buzzing flies.

You've changed for the worse,
And I thought you were going to be the first
Guy to prove they're not all the same,
To play girls like it's a game.

But I guess I was wrong,
And now I'm crying all day long.
How about that promise that we were going to be forever?
I shouldn't have trusted you ever.

But I have made a mistake.
I was young; I didn't think you were fake.
But now I know, and it's you to blame.
Thanks to you for all this pain.


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