Moving On Poem

A Love That Had To Part

This poem's about the loss of romance, a love that was magically entranced,
till fate stepped into the darkness of night and stole a woman's true love of her life.

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Ode To Love

Beryl L Edmonds © more by Beryl L Edmonds

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2019 with permission of the Author.

To everything there's a time and season 
Time to laugh and to weep for good reason.
A season for living, to find true love
And a time to dance with angels above...

Holder of my heart, vision of my dreams,
The way you walked, talked and those eyes that gleamed,
Invading my thoughts by day and by night.
Darling, you inspire my bleak soul to write.

Let me compare thee to an April day.
Showers of rain that bring forth buds of May,
Shining like the sun beams down now and then
Making earth become beautiful again.

How do I love thee? I'll tell you the ways.
Whispered sweet nothings that raised up my days,
Being wrapped in your arms, magic we've shared.
Each precious moment you handled with care.
To heaven and back, a very long time.
Time will never erase you from my mind.
The memories made, I keep as a gift
Tied up with ribbons and sealed with a kiss.

Sweetheart, you'll always be my shining star.
Bright light of my life, where're thou art?
Tho' I go on with deep pain in my heart.
Remember these words whilst we are apart.

I miss you whilst you are out of my sight.
I miss you now that you're out of my life.



My interest and love of poetry began at school, when I was fourteen years of age. The class were given the project of writing an anthology of verse, using our own poetry and designing the cover for our book.
I really enjoyed the project and still have the book I made.
Poetry has remained a lifelong hobby, I enjoy reading and writing poems to...

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