Hurting Poem by Teens

Pain Is All I Know

One day I was in math class and I just started writing. At first I thought I was writing for a friend who is going through tough times, but I was really writing about myself. When you read this don't feel sad for me, because I'm not. I got through this and hope that by letting people read this it will help them too.

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Painful Memories


Published: November 2011

Pain is not an emotion I know
Yet it's all I know
I can't feel it
Nor can I heal it

It happens all the time
For me, it's all I know

I've experienced first hand a fathers abuse
Yeah, sometimes it hurt
But I grew numb to the pain

I've witness my mother cry
And every time I wanted to die

That's all in the past now
But the memories still  last

This may be hard to believe
For a girl whose just sixteen
But when I think the memories have left me
They come back to haunt me

You may find it hard to believe
But sometimes late at night I cry
Until I feel dead inside

So don't think I don't know pain
Because pain is all I've know.


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