Mental Illness Poem

Poem About What A Panic Attack Feels Like

I have suffered acute panic attacks. I've been wanting to write a descriptive poem, but have found it very hard to put into words.

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© more by Evangeline King

Published by Family Friend Poems January 3, 2023 with permission of the Author.

One thousands beats per second
It hammers ‘gainst my chest
I feel it in my temples
Tonight there’ll be no rest

Tortured is the breathing
Fast and shallow til it’s gone
Air that’s so elusive
In this fight to fill my lungs

A mind out of control
Thoughts will not be still
People think I’m crazy
Illusions can be real

Floating round in vertigo
Raw throat can’t make a sound
Get me off this ride!
The world keeps spinning round

Tiny little tremors
Turn to quakes beneath my skin
Every limb is shaking
It seems there’ll be no end

Then here comes the thoughts
Oh, the thoughts are just a beast!
Tumors, cancer, heart-attack
On lies this mind will feast

It’s when every little ache
And every little pain
Is blown out of proportion
Courtesy of my brain

I crawl into my shell awhile
Until this horror ends
Until the monster lets me go…
In panic’s grip again


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