Heartbreak Poem by Teens

Poem About When My Boyfriend Left Me

This poem is about how I felt when my boyfriend left me. I was so hurt I couldn't believe it was actually happening. I was depressed for a long time, but even when you feel like you're falling forever, you somehow find a ledge hanging right below you. When you land on the ledge, it's a resting place, but when you land you still are hurt, maybe even more than you were before, but it's all part of the process.

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012 with permission of the Author.

falling into nothing.
Not wanting to watch,
but it's impossible.
Can't help but look back.
Can't help hoping you're going to be there,
looking at me,
waiting for me to come back.
and I'm hoping,
you're going to smile at me,
and say it was all a joke.
But you're not there.
You're gone.


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