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My uncle raised me from the age of 1. His death was unexpected and very hard to accept. Eighteen months later, I still miss him terribly. He was my Uucle, my father, and my hero.

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I miss you, Uncle Edgar. Every day I think of you. I still can't believe you're gone. You didn't even give us the chance to repay you for everything you've done for us, your family. You have...

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My Uncle


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2012 with permission of the Author.

I came into this life.
You held me in your arms.
You kept me safe
So no one could harm.

You taught me values.
Lessons in life I would learn.
You taught me to respect;
I gave you love in return.

You have always been in my life
Through thick and thin,
And now my lonely journey
Without you will begin.

For you were my hero,
Forever and a day.
You will always remain that hero
Till I meet you again someday.

I will embrace you in my arms
And hold on tight.
I will stand by your side
And you will never leave my sight.

I miss you so much.
The pain does not ease.
I pray you are happy
And finally at peace.


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  • Cathy by Cathy
  • 6 years ago

I miss you, Uncle Edgar. Every day I think of you. I still can't believe you're gone. You didn't even give us the chance to repay you for everything you've done for us, your family. You have sacrificed so much for us. You didn't even get to enjoy life because your life was dedicated to helping your family. You have built us a beautiful home. You have worked so hard for us to get where we are right now. And now that we have the chance to give you back what you have done for us, you passed away. It hurts so much, Uncle. I don't know if I will ever get over your passing. I promise I will try. I know you wouldn't want us to be sad and suffering. Don't worry, Uncle, we will love your only son the way you loved us. I promise you that. Thank you for everything. I am who I am today because of you. You are my hero. Your memories will remain in my heart forever. Your family loves you so much. Until we meet again.

  • VMawi by VMawi
  • 5 years ago

My uncle passed away last night, and I'm so sad. I still can't believe he is gone. I feel like I'm dying, too. He was our everything. He helped me in everything I needed. It's so hard to live without him. I LOVE YOU, UNCLE!

  • Christina by Christina
  • 7 years ago

My uncle who is also my dad's best friend passed away this past Monday. I live 1300 miles away and did not get to see him much after I grew up, got married, and started my own family. Too little too late to think about that now. He was going through testing to have a gastric bypass procedure so he could take some weight off and be around for his family for many more years! During the testing for this procedure they found his heart was blocked and he went into surgery to have stints put in to clear up the blockage. This could not happen and they had to do open heart surgery. The surgery went well and he was moved out of CCU. He then had a stroke and again he was responding to commands and started to speak even though it was slurred. Well he never made it out of the hospital. We are all devastated by his loss and will miss him dearly. Please reach out to your family members and make time for them today as tomorrow is never promised! Grandma, he came home to you!

  • Sameeksha Bijalwan by Sameeksha Bijalwan
  • 7 years ago

On 1st November 2015, my uncle had a car accident and died...I never got to say goodbye to him. I regret not talking to him at my sister's wedding as we had family issues with him. I regret not hugging him the last time when I saw him. He was the first one to hold me in his arms when I was born. He was the first person to hold my fingers so that he could teach me how to walk. He bought my first piano, and now all I have is his memories with me. It's painful. I love you CHACHU, and I miss you. This poem made me cry, and all I could remember were my happy times with my uncle...

  • Siarah New York by Siarah New York
  • 8 years ago

My uncle Robert , died in November 2014 , the week of thanksgiving. He died a hero . His tragic death was so heroic because he died saving his son , my cousin. He fell into a lake, while basically going on an afternoon adventure, & he quickly dived in to to save him. The waters were dangerous & 2 passerby's helped my cousin but unfortunately couldn't save my uncle . My birthday is tomorrow, August 1st & its hard because I'm turning 16 & its the first time I wont get his phone call & it really hurts. But I hope he's resting in peace .

  • Shaun Gartin by Shaun Gartin, Van Nuys
  • 9 years ago

I have two uncles that have passed away in the past week. Both of them were my mentors when I needed someone to talk to. It really hurts now that they're gone.

  • Auntie Boo Boo by Auntie Boo Boo
  • 9 years ago

My husband died, but my niece and husband were very tight as well. Coming across this poem has touched my life as well as my little one. She cries and asks about him daily, which is hard to explain, especially when I am hurting as well. Thanks for this one.

  • Edna by Edna, Qc
  • 12 years ago

To my youngest uncle Mike (38),
I miss you and still cannot get over your sudden death, I know you're at peace and have joined our loved ones who have passed; especially Diane (29) or Peter (17). Your 3 beautiful kids we will keep loving them the way you did. I still can hear your voice in my head and the way you said your goodbye before hanging up. I got so many signs that someone would pass away in our family and I never dreamed that it would be you. I thank God that he gave me this wonderful uncle to guide me when growing up and to also love my kids the way he loved me. You had the kindest heart and hope to see that in your kids and mine. See you later my Uncle, your niece (Ishko).

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