Family Death Poem

Heartfelt Poem For Military Families

I wrote this poem for our fallen heroes, as well as the family heroes who carry on with dignity after their loved one has been laid to rest. My heart goes out to the husbands, wives, and children who share the burden of the ultimate sacrifice.

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Respects To Love


Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009 with permission of the Author.

Oh darling, my sweet darling,
today we left the base.
I'm sad and I am lonely,
and I ache to see your face.

I know you've done your duty.
I know I've done mine too,
but neither of us expected
that I'd be living without you.

They tell me have faith in Jesus;
they tell me have faith in love,
but the only thing I'm sure of
is that you're watching from above.

I think about your last days
and the last time that we shared,
and I think about our babies,
and I hate that I'm so scared.

I hope they'll remember you,
and time is never kind,
but I swear I'll keep my promise,
and you'll never be left behind.

If you're listening, if you hear me,
know our love will never end;
you'll live on in my heart forever
and someday we'll meet again.


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