Grandmother Death Poem

Feelings and thoughts, after the passing of my grandmother

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Rest In The Heavens Above


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008 with permission of the Author.

Grandmother, whom I adored ever so much
No longer here on earth, but in the heavens above

Oh how I'll miss your smile and your laughter so big and full of life.
Now you sore in the sky you're an angel so high
You are now with our maker; tell me what is he like?

Are your day's filled with song and praise,
do you sway to the music that angel harps play?

Grandmother, whom I adored ever so much
How you will be missed, but never forgotten

I shall remember your scent, your voice and your every feature.
After all you were one of my teachers
You've taught me so much and so many life lessons

Grandmother, whom I adored ever so much
Rest now; ever so peaceful in the heavens above


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