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Poem About When A Friend Opens Up

This poem is about my best friend who confided in me recently. She told me she hated herself, her image, her body and her general life, which I did not understand because I thought she had the perfect life. She has a doting boyfriend, her family's amazing and her friends were always there. I was wrong. We talked for hours and I began to see behind the smiles and the laughs and saw the pain she was going through. I just wanted to write something to show I do understand her and I am there always.

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Story Of Her Wrists


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2013 with permission of the author.

She smiled a pretty smile
But it started to twist
You see her smile told a story
And so did her wrists
Her life was simple
Not exciting, nor fun
Three brothers and a sister
A dad and a mum
Blonde hair to her rib cage
Blue eyes to match the sea
She had her goals and aims
And she let them be
She had holes in her body
But no ink on her skin
She hated her structure
She wanted to be thin
Her boyfriend loved her
And her friends adored
But her heart was bruised
Swollen and sore
She took an old razor
And broke it into three
Causing wounds on herself
Letting blood flow free
She smiled a sad smile
On a constant twist
You see that smile told a story
About the scars on her wrists


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