Teen Pregnancy Poem

Teen Pregnancy

Please teens let us play safe, wait for the right time to interact in sexual activities, many teen girls leave school because of the thing that happened to this teen girl in the poem

this poem is the reality of what is happening nowadays, a child carrying a child of no father. LET US STAY ALERT....

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New Mother

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Published: March 2008

When I was still in the morning of my life,
fresh from the bakers' oven,
you came with your influencing tongue,
declaring to be your ALFA and OMEGA.

"I LOVE YOU" was the  daily song in my ears,
until I lost my virginity to you,
after all the action you said, "it was good",
telling me that's how lovers should do.

when the word "PREGNANCY" was mentioned,
words where thrown at me like stones,
left me alone,
my last thought was to visit the LIMBO.



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