Growing Up Poem by Teens

I wrote this poem as I'm a teenager. life at the moment can sometimes be challenge. life was getting harder and in the way and these are just some of the feeling that I felt at that moment.

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Teenage Life


Published: March 2011

I'm going through a hard  time.
I sit in my room most of time.
I throw things around.
Just to calm me down.

I thought one day everything  was going to be okay.
But I'm still waiting for that day.
School is just getting in the way,
And I'm getting judged everyday .

It's just not fair.
I don't know what to wear.
I try my hardest.
But no one thinks it's my hardest.
I just wanna give up.
But I can't as I need to show them up.

There is no point being angry at every one.
When you are just going to be outdone.
I start to cry.
And I know it's time for me to squeeze by.

It's time for me to get on with life.
But it feels like I have be stabbed with a knife.
I don't know how I can go on.
When I look upon.
I see a shooting star and I wish.
But it always ends up in a swish.

I thought you said it was going to be easy.
But I guess you were wrong cause it ain't breezy.
Listen in to your heart.
And you might find the right part.
Why am I breaking apart?
All at the heart.

I don't wanna be torn.
Why can't I just be re -born.
So I can start from the start again.
And then I might lose some of the pain.
Then I might have a better chance.
And I will have a better stance.

I had a dream.
But then I realized that it was to upstream.
I got out of touch with the ones who gave me my wing to fly.
And I began to cry.

I forgot so easy about what really matters.
Now everything is a bit of a splatter.
I feel like I'm upside down.
And I just frown.

I hope I'm dreaming cause I don't like this feeling.
Cause it's very unappealing.
I don't know how to get out of this.
I wish it just wouldn't exist.
can Someone help me.
Or can I just flee.

Everything I do, is making me more confused
And now I feel like I'm just getting used.
I finally get happy.
And then something comes on my mind and I'm unhappy.

Life Is hard and always will be.
but I guess I just have to harden up


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