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Dealing With Bullies

I have dealt with bullying of many kinds in my life the ones that are in person and ones online. Although you can block out the ones online, they are still there and hurt just as bad as the ones in person. I had a deep feeling inside to write this poem. I hope you like it! It is based on a person who is being bullied and they are having struggles dealing with it.

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The Bully Within


Published: October 2018

Soft whispers from above trickle their way down to my heart.
They position themselves comfortably and decide to accompany me there for as long as I breathe.
They slowly become an overstayed guest and make me feel useless to the situation.
I tuck away in my bedroom for they can only enter if I let them in.
I couldn't stand the knocking and let them invade my space.
They stole everything close to my desire.
I told myself they will go away eventually finding my things unamusing.
I was wrong.


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