Independence Day Poem

We Are United

We, as a nation, can count our differences, but we cannot count how many ways we are the same.

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Hold Close


Published by Family Friend Poems June 28, 2021

This entire nation, not just part
Unfolds us, lifts us, each day's start
Conceived in paper, pen, and heart
Under one God, States of the art

Holding close to breast in one hand
Our bond for, and love of, this land
Each mountain, each grain ocean sand
We pledge allegiance, we stand

Our unfurled red, white, and blue
Liberty and justice her cue
Nourish our troops, faithful and true
Parading now, hold close, we view

This new generation now here
Born in this millennium, HEAR!
Together, we embrace, hold dear
United, far away is near

Place one word close to another
This nation ours, like none other
We're like sister, we're like brother
Loving this land, like one mother

Not July First, Second, or Third
July Fourth we holler and herd
Our joyous outcry to be heard
High as Eagles, our lofty bird


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