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Poem About Enjoying Watching Cardinals

In memory of her grandmother, she talks of the bird that her grandma loved so much.

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The Cardinals' Song


Published: February 2006

was the year,
that my grandmother past away,
and if she was alive,
this is what she'd say,
I love cardinals,
so gentle and so kind,
especially the red ones,
'cause their #1 in my mind,
They fly upon my porch,
And greet me every day,
I feed them a nut,
And then they fly away,
The cardinals sing so merrily,
And carol off and on,
As if they were singing a tune,
Or even a song,
the cardinals never forget,
And visit me every day,
I'm always ready for them,
And waiting for their stay,
it may be short and sweet,
or may be a little longer,
but in the end,
It doesn't matter,
As long as they come,
To brighten up my day
And bring me some joy,
To continue on my way.



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