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This is not a poem about rage and hatred. It's about the cruel behavior in our youth and how people can only take so much before being pushed over the edge. It's about not only blaming the perpetrator for school shootings but also the ones who fueled it.

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This poem is so sad. It made me so emotional. We're in 2020, it was written 11 years ago, but it still touches my heart. This poor boy suffered discrimination and was bullied, and he didn't...

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The Kid In The Back Of The Class

© more by Nick

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009 with permission of the Author.

The kids pointed and the kids laughed
at the young man that sat in the back of the class.

The one with his head down
to conceal his lost frown,
the one whose face of confusion
led to all the students' intrusion.

Him feeling miserable was the children's desire;
they most enjoyed teasing him of his attire.
From the clothing he would wear
to the weird styles of his hair.

As the children ridiculed him and called him names,
the young man hid his face in great shame.
What was he to do when it was one vs. all?
'Cause he knew what they'd do when they found him in the hall.

The bruises on his skin
were not punishments from his own sins.
But they were the cruelty for his differences,
and the consequence of his existence.

It was midday the next day when the school went under attack.
The students inside had no time to react.
Everything was happening all so fast,
and it all started right after that first blast.

Loud gunshots filled every hall,
and blood was splattered all over every wall.
For thirty long minutes the rampage went on,
until it finally ended with the death of the con.

When it was all over, reporters flooded the scene
and asked everyone around what they had seen.
Students said they never saw the man.
They said as soon as they heard the guns, they all just ran.

Days later the school was still full of broken glass,
but that didn't stop students from returning to class.
When class had started, the students placed, under their desks, their feet.
and they all turned around to notice in the back that there was one empty seat...


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  • Victoria by Victoria
  • 2 years ago

This is a very good example of life. It shows us that we need to stand up for people who are getting bullied. This story shows me that there are still people in this world that are getting bullied, and that we have a choice to stand up or reject.

  • Lorraine White by Lorraine White
  • 3 years ago

This poem is so sad. It made me so emotional. We're in 2020, it was written 11 years ago, but it still touches my heart. This poor boy suffered discrimination and was bullied, and he didn't even get the chance to live a normal, bully-free life. I mean, why are people so mean? WHAT did this boy ever do?? It's honestly heartbreaking knowing that this is the world we live in. The writer probably wrote this as a fictitious story, but it's true. It's actually what thousands of kids all over the world have to go through and not just work of the writer's mind. It's a sad reality...

  • JulianPhillp by JulianPhillp
  • 6 years ago

I broke down into tears reading this, and it's so SAD knowing this is something that probably happens more than you'd think. It teaches you to appreciate the people you normally wouldn't. Because one day they won't be there and they're not coming back. It hurts my heart just thinking about this, and I wish for the friends and families of people that this happens to to live happy lives.

  • Reicheru by Reicheru
  • 7 years ago

This was really sad! I nearly cried... It reminded me of the a boy in my class who was always getting bullied. Now that I think about it... I feel really sorry for him. He was almost never treated kindly, only a couple of times, when people needed favors to be done...

  • Rahul R MISHRA by Rahul R MISHRA, Mumbai
  • 8 years ago

I cried after reading this..this poem made me emotional. To be honest it became one of my most liked poems to date and I would like to thank the author Nick for sharing his poem.
One more thing about this poem is that it reminded me of my old school where I was 12 and I fought for that lone boy whose name was Clive Dsouza whom the boys used to tease and hit him. Today I am very happy when I remember my schooldays because I was the only one who helped him without any reason.
The only thing that motivated me to help that boy was his will power .... he never raised his hand at anyone but he was very strong from inside ... the wild boys used to beat him very badly when I was not around him. BUT THE POINT WAS HE NEVER CRIED FOR HIMSELF.
Thank you god for giving me the chance to help someone :)

  • Angelina Vivone by Angelina Vivone, BC
  • 9 years ago

After I saw this story I almost cried. It made me think about an old friend of mine... I feel so bad for the boy though! It's just so sad. I've never thought about something that way... When school is over, I'm sending this to all my friends and posting it on Instagram.

  • Amihra Eliosof by Amihra Eliosof
  • 9 years ago

This literally gave me goosebumps! I know exactly how you feel about this. Many people don't look at the victims this way, they prefer to look at them in such a way that makes them a monster for what they did. But you really spoke out the truth that everyone should know about the people behind the guns. Be nice to EVERYONE because you don't know what they're going through. I loved this poem. I loved the suspense and most of all I loved the intense ending. Huge thumbs up! :)

  • Gomathi by Gomathi
  • 10 years ago

I got Goosebumps in my hands when I read this. I, though a bit weaker in English got touched by this poem. In our country we never had pros sitting in the back, it was always fun. I felt myself feeling ashamed after I read this poem since I always tease and have fun in the back seat of the class with the others. I think being bullied by other is not as fun as bullying. whoever wrote this poem, thank you, thank you very much. You are an eye-opener. Ignore if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. Please.

  • Dahvie by Dahvie
  • 10 years ago

Thank you I'm emo and get picked on so this helped

  • Sarah by Sarah, Eloy Arizona
  • 13 years ago

yes this poem has touched. I get made fun of in the back of the class and the other kids don't know how I feel and I just wanna kill them all for what they done to me...

  • Marly Lubin by Marly Lubin
  • 14 years ago

I loved this poem. It's so sad. I felt so sorry for the little boy.

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