Loss of a Friend Poem

The Way Life Moves On After A Death

I had never felt such loss as I did when a great friend and bright spirit took his own life at 25. This poem was written exactly one year after he passed. The first year felt like a constant cycle of adjusting. Autumn without him, winter without him, none of it feeling quite right. It took all four seasons passing for me to realize that nothing would ever be the same without him, but I would still always see everything a little more beautifully simply thanks to having known him.

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The Late August Grieving


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

I've always dreaded
The changes brought by late August.
The cooling of the air begins again
And the promise of summer fades,

But it seems lately the transition
Is more harrowing than before.
The earth turns so slowly,
Yet somehow we've made it back,

Sitting exactly where it was
When you left it.
That year we lost a little more sunshine,
More of the warm breeze than usual.

The same light and warmth
You brought into a room when you entered it.
Your glow comes back
From time to time in long stretching beams.

With the smell of warm green tea
And the sound of pages turning
And when I think of how fitting it is
That you still laugh in my dreams.

It's taught me that once you've been touched
By a spirit so bright,
Loss does not extinguish it,
But rather tucks it into the darkest corners
To radiate only when you need it most.


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