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Our children are our legacy. The way they act reflects on their parents

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The Little Things In Life


Published: February 2006

One day I came into your life,
as an empty little page;
On which your every word, or action,
Will forever be engraved .

So keep in mind when you're upset,
the authority that you hold;
Your every word, and every action,
My tender little heart will mold.

As I grow, I will make mistakes,
And at times I'll frustrate you.
Remember, It'll take years to see,
The hurt harshly spoken words will do.

Always diligently take the time to consider,
Whatever actions you choose to take.
I know sometimes I will need correction,
Be mindful, my character does not break.

When I have grown, I will bring you joy,
and fill your heart with delight.
For you will see the time you've taken,
has encouraged me to do what's right.

I will bring respect to your name,
Never sorrow, or disgrace.
Then just like you, I  will too,
make this world a better place.


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