Husband Death Poem

Poem On Hiding Grief

My husband passed away just before his 44th birthday. After the dust settled, bills paid and left with very little, I found it hard to put up a "false front." My son has a way with words and gave me some good advice. He had just turned 12.

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The Masks


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2015 with permission of the Author.

I have so many different masks.
I wear them one by one.
I see them in a pile
When my day is finally done.

There's one for when I'm happy
And one I wear when sad.
There's one for when I'm pensive
For all that I have had.

I try not to hide behind them,
To just let my sunshine glow.
I've learned from you, "Just be yourself,
And no one else will know."

"You had so much and lost it,
And you tried to get it back.
It may take some time! Be patient!
It's just confidence you lack!"

If I stay true and honest,
There will be no need to wear
These masks I see at bedtime
That are lying on my chair.


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