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I wrote this poem for my dad who passed away at the age of 47, 2 years ago, out of the blue, in his sleep. I wrote this and spoke it out from my heart at the funeral while he was lying at rest behind me. I love and miss him so much.

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I lost my dad 3 weeks ago and the pain is still unbearable. I never saw it coming and still feel like everything is just but a nightmare. He was sick since 2016 and bedridden due to problems...

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Tribute To My Dad


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008 with permission of the Author.

A special dad is hard to find.
You, Dad, I'm keeping in my mind.
I wished you could have stayed forever,
But I will never forget you; oh, not ever.

If dreams weren't dreams and dreams came true,
I wouldn't be here; I'd be with you.
Distance is one thing that keeps us apart,
But, Dad, you will always remain in my heart.

A special smile, a special face,
A special someone I can't replace,
I love you and I always will.
You filled a space that no one else could fulfill.


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  • 3 years ago

I lost my dad 3 weeks ago and the pain is still unbearable. I never saw it coming and still feel like everything is just but a nightmare. He was sick since 2016 and bedridden due to problems with the nerves but this is not what killed my dad but doctors' negligence. On that night, my dad had difficulty breathing and we visited several hospitals seeking help. None of the doctors wanted to help my dad without a Covid test certificate no matter how he kept on pleading, "Help me with little oxygen." I watched my dad suffer so much on a wheelchair, helpless, trying to gasp for air. My dad didn't die of Covid but doctor's negligence who thought that simply because he had bacterial pneumonia could be suffering from Covid as well. Dad, I miss you so much. May your soul rest in eternal peace and may God forgive all those doctors who rejected you and refused to attend to you for they did not know what they were doing.

  • Okoroafor Patrick by Okoroafor Patrick
  • 4 years ago

I lost my dad 9 days before his birthday. He died in a hospital. We miss him dearly. It has not been easy to forget. It still feels like it's a dream I will wake up from someday. God bless his soul. RIP Daddy.

  • Freda by Freda
  • 4 years ago

My dad died on August 31, 2019. He died at age 48. I love him so much, and I wasn't able to tell him goodbye.

  • Tara Beard by Tara Beard
  • 4 years ago

I lost my dad 2 weeks ago Wednesday. I don't know how I'm going to manage without him. I miss him so, so much. He was 62. He was ready to retire and had so many dreams. Things will never be the same.

  • 4 years ago

My dad passed away in the hospital on the 17th of June, 2019. I was shocked about his death because he had been in and out of the hospital. I believed that he would overcome and come back home again, but this time he did not come back. He suffered from Kidney issues, and it really pained him. He also had a weak heart. They prayed and told him that he had 15 more years to live, but alas he died. It is very sad. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Nicole Jones by Nicole Jones
  • 5 years ago

This poem touched me so deeply. I lost my dad last year on November 9, 2018. He died right after my birthday. He had a massive heart attack while he was asleep. It was so suddenly. We didn't expect it. He was very close to me. I loved him dearly. I miss him so more now than ever. When I read this poem, all the memories can back to me. I will never forget the good times we shared while he was still with us, so thank you for this!!!

  • Ayeebo Hilda by Ayeebo Hilda
  • 5 years ago

My dad died on 12/02/2019 all of a sudden. He went out for a walk, came back, sat on a chair and never woke up. It has left my world devastated and angry. He was my hero and mentor. He gave me soo much and his death has left me empty. Words can never discribe how wonderful he was to me and our family. Rest in Perfect Peace, Dada. I love you forever.

  • Ohadiro Evangel by Ohadiro Evangel
  • 5 years ago

I lost my Dad on 1/2/2019 to the cold hands of death. He died of prostate cancer. I'm looking for a good price for my dad.

  • Lawrence Clottey by Lawrence Clottey
  • 4 years ago

Lost my dad 6/7/2019 over the same prostate cancer. He died in his sleep. I'm about to bury him, and it's the most difficult thing ever to happen in my life. God knows best!

  • Carolyn by Carolyn
  • 6 years ago

My father died Nov 15, 2017, from cardiac arrest. He had a heart attack on Nov 6 and was able to be revived and was waiting to see a cardiologist. It's hard to think he will not come home anymore. I was holding his hand when he took his last breath. He looked at me and then the doctor said stop CPR. My mom was sitting on a wheelchair, trying to wake him up. They asked me to stop CPR, but I couldn't, so the doctor did it for me. He said his heart was weak and they shocked him 12x already. I wished I stayed that night at the hospital. If only the cardiologist came right away instead of 9 days later, maybe they could have figured out what was wrong with his heart. My dad never complained. He had a huge heart and always had a smile on his face. I will forever miss him.

  • Odunze Happiness by Odunze Happiness
  • 6 years ago

Just lost my dad last month and his burial will be next month, and I need a nice poem that defines my state right now to render to him because I am heartbroken, and his death was the least expected.

  • Jerome Tananibe by Jerome Tananibe
  • 6 years ago

I need a nice tribute for my dad who passed away 5/15/18. He fell and broke his hip, and that resulted in a stroke. He had been in the hospital since November 2017.

  • Kunuyi Ayodeji by Kunuyi Ayodeji
  • 6 years ago

I need a sweet tribute message to my dead dad who died on the 27th of June 2017. Thank you for being there for me.

  • Amaka Nwasah by Amaka Nwasah
  • 6 years ago

I lost my hero (dad) on the 3rd of last month. He was a man of integrity and honor. Oh death! My dad was the only parent I knew. He never abandoned us, even as kids (3 years of age) when mum was no more. He took up the both responsibilities. I love you Dad, and you are my hero. You stood by me always. You never make me feel the vacuum of not having a mum. I was not expecting you'd die so soon. You are always in my heart, Dad.

  • Nwali Esther by Nwali Esther
  • 5 years ago

My dad died 12/1/2019. He was in a coma for five days and died on the fifth day. My dad loved me so much and did everything for me.

  • Adie Emmanuel by Adie Emmanuel
  • 7 years ago

I lost him in a very terrible moment of my life. Dad, I love you so much I wish you come back to me.

  • Chinapi Felix by Chinapi Felix
  • 4 years ago

I lost my Dad 18 years ago to Hepatitis on a day like this January 29, 2002. I was only 15. He died in the hospital while I was in a boarding house. I heard stories of how he suffered and how he didn't let them bring me because he didn't want me to be distracted academically. I thought I wouldn't cry today, but here I am...I hope I'll see him again someday. I love you, Daddy.

  • Emie Taylor by Emie Taylor
  • 7 years ago

Ten years ago on July 31, I lost a godly man to sickle cell anemia, my father. He was a man of great honor and integrity. He died at the age of 46 when I was only 8 and my brother was 9. I remember 3 months before he passed when he came home one day and showed my brother and I some sort of tubes and machines stuck to him. It was scary and I remember crying and asking him what it was and he told me everything was alright and that he would get better soon. A week before he passed, my brother, my mother and I were going on vacation to London when we met my father at the airport. He was just arriving from a business conference in Switzerland. After we said our hi's and goodbyes, my father wanted one last hug from me but I told him " you don't need another one, I'll see you when you come to London " and till this day, I still regret that because he died that week before he could come see us. And I miss him so much.

  • Michelle by Michelle, Lagos, Nigeria
  • 8 years ago

I lost my dad during the Christmas of 2015 after a 9 month battle with cancer. I think what hurt me the most was watching him suffer and not being able to do anything about it. Sometimes I still can't believe he's gone. He was 63 and still full of energy and life, wasn't ready to let him go. I miss him and try not to talk about him most times so I don't break down in tears. I pray he is resting with the Lord in heaven. Amen

  • Hezron Waweru by Hezron Waweru, Kenya
  • 9 years ago

Lost my Dad on 12 Thursday 2014 at a car accident from Nairobi. He left his wife, twins at the age of 14 years and a young son of 8.
Truly worth using these words for the funeral. Thanks Emma

  • Khurram Ejaz by Khurram Ejaz
  • 9 years ago

My father was passed away on 27th June 2011 from lung cancer. I always miss him. My ears tries to imagine his voice but I cannot...

  • Bernard. Port Moresby Papua New Guinea by Bernard. Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
  • 10 years ago

I lost my father-in law. He was like a dad to me. Left us without saying goodbye. Truly worth using this words for the funeral. Thanks Emma

  • Vicious Violet by Vicious Violet
  • 10 years ago

I know how you feel. I am now 12 but when I was only 14 months old my dad died from a bleed in his brain and on the 19th of Jan. it will be 11 years. I found this poem truly inspirational and it makes me realise that I need to remember my daddy but move on so a big THANK YOU !!!!!

  • Debbie by Debbie, Coventry. England
  • 10 years ago

I have just lost my dad, 1 week ago, He was 62, and I'm 41. He also went very unexpected and was asleep. I've never cried so much than I have this week, and now I have to organize his funeral. I've been looking for a certain poem that captures the way I'm feeling, and this is the one. Thank you Emma, I would love to use this poem to read, ( if I can read the words through tears). Thank you again.

  • Lisa by Lisa, San Jose Ca
  • 11 years ago

My dad passed away 4 years ago and words cannot express how much I miss him. Thank you so much for writing such a lovely poem that captures just how I feel about it. What I wouldn't give to just hear his voice again.

  • Keri K by Keri K
  • 14 years ago

this touched me because I lost my dad the same way. He died in his sleep. I miss him so much. He died February 10, 1998
I was 7..I'm now 18

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