Crying Poem by Teens

Poem About A Hurt Child

A story of a child that was emotionally hurt hundreds of times and therefore became the horrible object/thing he is now. He no longer trusts people, he no longer wants people to communicate with him, he is just the shadow in the background.

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True Friend


Published: July 2012

My friend
Although your mind is corrupt with death and murder.
Even though your lungs are filled with tar and tobacco.
Even though your kidneys are strained with liter after liter of alcohol.

I still see the child in your eyes,
sitting in the corner,

The child that was abandoned by those he loved.
The child whose childhood was stripped from him.
The child who was forced to become a man when he wasn't ready.
The child that eventually became a monster.

My friend
When I see you I am filled with disgust.
When I see you I only see blood lust.
The child in you has gone, died out.

The object in it's place is neither man nor animal,
but the creature we were taught to fear.
As I look at you, the image goes obscured.
The ripples in the water make you indistinguishable.

So for now I say goodbye my friend.
My true friend.
My only friend.
My reflection in the water.


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