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This poem is dedicated to Jasmine McCain, a 10 year old who committed suicide after repeatedly being bullied in Columbus NC. (Local to my neighborhood)--
My point is, no matter who they are, they have a weakness, and it would be awful to be the reason someone ended their life. I am 14, and in my school, bullying is powerful. It's ruining us. We're now segregated into groups of race, skin tone, imperfections, size etc. It has gone too far... It's a scary, cold place.. but keep your head up

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This was a long time ago. Once I was walking down the hall in my middle school when I saw two girls and a boy. The boy was cowering in fear as the girl held up a paper. "Ha! You are so bad at...

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Until It's Too Late


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2013 with permission of the Author.

Walking through the school yard,
And sickened by what I see..
All this hatred,
But nothing that surprises me.

Innocent people hated,
Because of who they are.
They wear long sleeves,
To cover up their scars.

How could you make someone hate their selves so much,
They want to feel pain?
What this world has come to,
Is such a shame.

The Words You Say Neglect them..
But the bully doesn't care, because
It doesn't affect them.

They lay at night,
And they think about all the things you say..
They honestly can't go on even another day.

How do you sleep at night?
Knowing you're the reason
Someone else wants to end their life?

You're hurting them, because
Of what they look like.
All you do is laugh,
When they start to cry

No-one tries to stop them,
until it's too late.
They thought that that was the only way,
The only way to escape.

Died for NO REASON, and did NOTHING WRONG. 
You feel better now?
You wanted them to fall,
They're gone now, and it's too late because of the quiet ones who saw..
So think about it..... Yeah
Someone's life ended
Because of  what you and your friends did
S T O P .  Just stop... Please?  S T E P. U P
Y'all think this is a game, Right ?.. Wrong.  this is sad reality.


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  • Riz by Riz
  • 2 years ago

I have recently been getting some online trolling, and it reminded me at any age bullying does not go away. This was many a time how I felt at school and now as an adult. This poem makes me reflect on being an adult.

  • Maria by Maria
  • 5 years ago

It is sad, but it's happening around the world. People don't see how much words hurt unless they've been through it. You have no idea what they are going through. It was a good idea to step in and help him. Other students or people wouldn't have done what you did. I'm so glad there are people out there who will help others. This is coming from someone who went through that.

  • Catherine by Catherine
  • 5 years ago

This was a long time ago. Once I was walking down the hall in my middle school when I saw two girls and a boy. The boy was cowering in fear as the girl held up a paper. "Ha! You are so bad at life! You suck! You should kill yourself!" The taunts and jabs floated on the wind and hit me like a rock. I ran over and yelled as loud as I could "Guys! STOP! That's horrible! How could you say such a mean thing?!" I was shocked that these girls, from MY school, were acting like characters I had only ever seen in books and shows. I told them similar things until they finally left him alone. It certainly wasn't the last time, I am sad to say. Stand up to them guys!

  • Brooklynne by Brooklynne
  • 6 years ago

It's heartbreaking. Stand up for others! Don't be a bully.

  • Mark Walker by Mark Walker
  • 4 years ago

That's right. Don't be a bystander. Stick up for others.

  • Ryan by Ryan, Florida
  • 9 years ago

The whole thing about you being segregated is terrible. Bullies are weak. They are cowards that are SO LOW that the only way to make them feel better about themselves is to bully others. The thing is, they never realize that the more they bully, the lower they go. Soon enough,thieves and murderers are martyrs compared to them. Bullying should be considered manslaughter.

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