Growing Up Poem by Teens

This poem is about what I ask myself all the time, and the question is, 'What should I do with my life with me going through all these situations?" Does it make me a weaker or stronger person? Also it shows when I want to achieve something in life I don't do it for me, but I do it for my loved ones up in heaven watching over me. For me the least I can do is make them proud.

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What Should I Do???


Published: March 2011

Which life shall I follow?
What path should I take?
Should I go left or right?
And make the same mistakes.
Like I've done in the past.
Or should I move far away and start over again?
Because I'm a senior in high school and knew too much about the game.
The Lifestyle? The People? and even about the Money?
For me it all has to change.
So what do I do?
Because I've made big mistakes.
It's either this way or that way.
What more can I say?
I guess whatever comes down to it...
I'm going to change and make my grandma proud because she's up in heaven
With all the other angels like family members
I have lost in the past 8 years for goodness sake
So I guess I am going to change
But not for my own good
But for someone who always counted on me
No matter what mistakes I've made
Because in the end
I got a whole team up in heaven
Who want to see me make it
And when I hit that ball over the fence
You know I didn't do it for me
But for the loved ones
We miss very truly


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