School Poem

Poem About Waiting For Summer Vacation

This is a poem that I wrote one day in when I was in school. It was in May and I was really excited for summer break.

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When I Am Free


Published: March 2011

As swift as an eagle in the open air
As graceful as a mustang running past
Everyone wishes they were
As free as me

The wind blows through my hair
My bare feet pound the barren land
Under the trees, under the stars
Here I am free

Running through an open field, splashing in a stream
Sleeping beneath the endless stars
In this extraordinary place 
I am free

The day ends, a new one begins
Life goes on in the world around me
But what they do, I don't care
For I am free

The leaves change, it grows colder
Back to the city, school, shoes required
I sit and wait for it to warm
So I can be free

Another year older
To the country once again
Bare feet and happy times
When I am free

Seasons change, years fly past
Days of bare feet fall behind
I long for the time
When I was free

My thoughts often return to that magical time
Where everything I did,
Every where I went,
I was free

When I had no responsibilities
Nothing to worry about
I was just


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