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My best friend decided that since his other friends didn't like me, he was too cool for me. He began lying to me, calling me names behind my back, typical high school stuff. But one day he lied to my face about how he broke his wrist and that was the last straw. I asked him about it, and told him that it was good to finally know where I stand with him. His words were "We aren't friends anymore, because you start too much drama." This poem is based on how I felt after realizing who he really was.

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My old best friend and I were friends since we were babies. Then I moved to another school. That got her upset, so she stopped talking to me. Now I’m in high school, and we don’t talk anymore...

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One Secret


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2013

You walk away as I cry,
you turn your back on my tears.
To imagine you capable of such things,
A monstrous idea indeed.

I trusted you as you broke me.
I was there when you needed,
But when I needed, where were you?

Pretending to be someone you aren't,
To impress your "friends."

I guess you will never know all I did,
All I've done, simply for you.

You forget I know the real you.
I know the person that hides beneath.
I know things about you, that others don't.

Don't worry. Your secrets are safe with me.
I won't betray your trust. As you did to me.

You were my friend.
Alas, that mistake no longer lives.
Only the pain in my heart, shows its existence.

I wish I knew what happened,
For you to do as you did.
But I guess that's one secret,
I'll never be privileged to.


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  • Henrietta M. by Henrietta M.
  • 4 years ago

My old best friend and I were friends since we were babies. Then I moved to another school. That got her upset, so she stopped talking to me. Now I’m in high school, and we don’t talk anymore at all. My mom tried to make me forgive my best friend, so I did, but she never forgave me. She can’t blame me for moving to another school. I’ve had a hard time until I got a new friend. But I still miss my old best friend.

  • Isabell Black by Isabell Black
  • 5 years ago

I love this page. I can relate to most of these poems, but this one I know oh so well. I'm in the tenth grade, and I had a best friend do that to me. We were friends since 7th grade, and we know everything about each other, and this year it's like I'm not cool enough for him. It's like he changed just to fit in with the crowd, but none of them know the real him.

  • Allie by Allie
  • 6 years ago

I had a best friend. I knew her since kindergarten. During elementary she was always there for me but then when we reached middle school she changed. She never stood up for me and I always had to stick up for myself. She apologized and I forgive and tried being friends again. Then ninth came and she got worse. She acted true to my face but then talked Crap behind my back. Then in March she straight out cut me from her life. Her and her friend would tell me to kill myself which I would shake off. Now it's tenth grade and honestly I'm done with her. She has hurt me so many times and I gave her second chances but she has just shown to me that she doesn't truly care about me. I have new friends and they actually care about me and are true.

  • Ryan by Ryan, Florida
  • 7 years ago

Wow... This has actually happened to me. Back in my home state of Virginia, I had a friend. We were friends for years. We were SO EXCITED because we were to have the same school that year. But when we started, he started to ignore me. I thought that I said or did something wrong, and I tried to apologize, but he kept ignoring me. For a short while I was infuriated that he didn't like me anymore. He became friends with the bullies that lived near me. I used to be so mad, but now I'm just sad.

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