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The trauma of war leaves its effect on the entire family

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While You Were Gone


Published: February 2006

While you were gone, I sat around and was not sure of what to do.
You were my life, my soul and with you, here I had control.
I never thought that I would be left on my own.
Even though, I know it's not long before you return home.
In the meantime, I'm confused because I do not function without you!
I'm used to sitting down and sharing my morning coffee with you.
I miss being able to come home to you and tell you all about my day.
I miss so many things, why did you have to change my ways?
I can't call you because you are too far away.
I wish you could just come home, why didn't you stay?
I am scared and afraid something may happen to you!
What am I going to say, when daddy does not come home again?
How am I supposed to tell them that daddy died in war?
Our children are too young to understand what you are fighting for.
Oh honey, please return home!
I was terrified when the bell rang and I had to answer the door.
Is it you; or someone telling me of you nevermore!
I started to cry, and the tears just continued to roll down my eyes.
Timmy and Sammie came running to the door.
I am so happy to know that it was YOU!
Now, the children can see their daddy once more.


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