Daughter Poem

Daughter Acrostic Poem

God put years in my life; she put life in my years...my daughter! When she gurgled in my arms as a newborn, I was ecstatic! When her baby lips called "mamma," my heart did cartwheels. When she clutched my thumb tight on her first day of school, I felt a pang too. With her achievements, my chest swelled with pride. With her disappointments, I was crestfallen too. Now, watching the chrysalis emerging into a butterfly, a rainbow of emotions envelops me. Truly, as a daughter grows, a mother glows!

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You Are God's Glorious Gift!


Published: April 2019

D azzling is your smile; it lights up my way
A s I go about my mundane chores every day.
U nfailingly, I look forward to our daily chat.
G enuine and deep is our bond, I believe that.
H ow can I not bask in your warm, tight hug?
T hat's the cocoon where my worries I unplug.
E very precious moment, I thank Him up there,
R ealizing I have a blessing rich and rare!



As an only child in the gadget-free world of five decades ago, books, specially poems, were my passport to another world...firing my imagination, drenching me with emotion and enriching my vocbulary. Words...I love to roll them on my tongue, play with them , arrange and rearrange them. As a teacher, the experience of explaining and exploring literature and poetry to my classes, was the oasis in a humdrum life. Later, poetry took a backseat as I walked the tight rope between balancing housework and working overtime to raise my two children. Now, with the passage of years, poetry comes to my rescue once again. It lifts my spirits...is an outlet for the feelings that bubble and simmer within, opens up new vistas. The chance to share your world with the world...that's poetry for me.
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