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Daughter Acrostic Poem

God put years in my life; she put life in my years...my daughter! When she gurgled in my arms as a newborn, I was ecstatic! When her baby lips called "mamma," my heart did cartwheels. When she clutched my thumb tight on her first day of school, I felt a pang too. With her achievements, my chest swelled with pride. With her disappointments, I was crestfallen too. Now, watching the chrysalis emerging into a butterfly, a rainbow of emotions envelops me. Truly, as a daughter grows, a mother glows!

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You Are God's Glorious Gift!


Published: April 2019

D azzling is your smile; it lights up my way
A s I go about my mundane chores every day.
U nfailingly, I look forward to our daily chat.
G enuine and deep is our bond, I believe that.
H ow can I not bask in your warm, tight hug?
T hat's the cocoon where my worries I unplug.
E very precious moment, I thank Him up there,
R ealizing I have a blessing rich and rare!


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