Music Poem

Music Overwhelms Every Part Of Me

My passion for music takes many forms. I play whenever I get the chance, and it's one of the things I enjoy the most. I wrote this after a long day of playing, when I was still a little high on my music. I truly believe that anyone can find serenity within its grasp. You just need to look.

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You Only Need To Look


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016 with permission of the Author.

When my day is heading down,
With no solution I can see,
I need only look around.
It's flowing all around me.

It's gliding on the breeze
And falling with the rain.
It comes with gentle ease,
Relieving all my pain.

And slowly, I feel it starting,
Something from within me.
Then quickly it comes roaring,
Filling every gap and cavity.

It's welling up inside,
I have to let it out.
It's like a roaring tide,
Washing away guilt, fear, and doubt.

It's shooting through my veins
And surging through my mind.
I barely control the reigns.
It's growing stronger all the time.

It's taken me away,
A huge smile on my face,
Because today's my lucky day.
I'm going to a very special place.

Soon it all comes spilling out,
Helping me make wonders.
Things I never knew about,
Things I'd normally think are blunders.

First it takes me fast, then slow,
The sound gliding through air,
Like an arrow from a bow,
Or the flight of a frightened hare.

Alas, it's now coming to an end,
The final note rings true.
Sending a beautiful message
To me and to you.

That note has built us a bridge
To a place of awesome bliss.
Where the contents of its message
Are always proven to say this:

Music is all around you.
You just have to find it.
And I promise once you do,
Your efforts will be rewarded.

And anyone can sit
And waste their life away,
But the person who finds music
Will never live that way.


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