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  1. I Will Forever Miss You

    • By Nicole Kooienga
    • Published: March 2008
    Death Of Best Friend Poem

    You always put a smile on my face,
    no matter how mad I was.
    All I had to do was call you and you would make everything better.
    The day that I heard that you were taken from us, my heart broke.

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    My son lost his best friend Annie in May 2018. Michael was in his first year at University and Annie was in her second year at a different school. They were friends for 5 years through high...

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  3. Forever In My Heart

    • By Gabi Abbott
    • Published: January 2012

    I miss your smile,
    I miss your laugh.
    I miss you
    and that happiness you always had.

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    I have a friend named Eman. I don't know how I met her, but she has a good, funny attitude. I've been with her all the time. Her voice, her laugh, I miss it all...and then...the farewell...

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  4. Do Not Cry

    Friend's Wishes On How To Be Remembered

    When I leave this world, please do not cry,
    For I have gone up with the spirits in the sky.
    Do not place flowers by my side,
    For I never got them when I was alive.

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  6. Friend Died At Young Age

    You left at such a young age.
    We had so much to do in such little time,
    But now that you died, my world has collapsed.
    The day you slipped from me was the day

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    On the 19th of June 2016 I lost a friend of mine in a tragic accident. He was only 27, for me that's too young. My friend was an up and coming actor. His smile lit up any room he was in, his...

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  7. My Only One

    Memories Of A Deceased Friend

    going through our memories
    that's always what I do
    coz that's all you've left me
    just memories of you

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  8. Dear Friend

    • By Natalie N. Mattiuzzo-Tugaeff-Rodgers
    • Published: April 27, 2019
    Death Of Friend Acrostic Poem

    F- Family wasn't there, but you were.
    R- Remember all that time we spent together?
    I- I am so sad that it had to end like it did.
    E- Even though you're gone, we still talk, just not how we used to.

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  10. Hanging In Tough

    Having Faith In God During Tough Times

    A fine lady.
    So gallantly strong,
    She stands for the good,
    The righteous, and God.

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  11. Who Would You Be Today?

    Pain Of Losing A Best Friend

    Could you imagine a pain so deep down inside
    That it can not be summarized in words you simply can write
    A pain that touches your toes and up to the top of the ceiling
    You can't eat, you can't sleep, that is the pain that I am feeling

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    I loss my best friend/spiritual brother of 24 years in September 2017 to cancer. I miss him so much. I think of him just about every day. I have asked God "why" so many times. It was the...

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  12. Death Of My Friends

    • By Cindy Blake
    • Published: April 2009

    A Blue Jay landed on my fence post today
    such a beautiful sight in a world of gray

    I couldn't pull my eyes away, and then I thought of you...

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    This was actually my mom's poem(:

    She (Cindy) and her husband, Jeff passed away in a vehicular homicide last Saturday night...

    I found the paper she had printed this out on and looked...

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  13. Best Friends

    • By Tsambika Angelidakis
    • Published: October 2007
    In A Better Place

    I know you are in a better place
    But I miss looking at your face
    You were so young to die
    Every night I sit and cry...

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    My best friend died on 09/23/17. It was the hardest thing I've ever gone through. She killed herself, and I can't help but think that I was to blame. Not even 3 days later, another one of my...

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