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  1. 21. Friend Died At Young Age

    One of my closest friend passed away and she was only 16.

    You left at such a young age.
    We had so much to do in such little time,
    But now that you died, my world has collapsed.
    The day you slipped from me was the day
    I slipped from myself.
    Since you've been gone,
    Nothing has been the same.
    I've been locked down in these chains
    Like a hallow tree stuck in the ground
    And can never be free.
    You left without a sound
    And left me there to drown.
    My pillow was all warm and wet.
    I couldn't believe you left.
    Now you're gone forever
    While I'm stuck in this world of hate
    With a heart full of pain.
    I wish everything could change
    So I could have you here with me,
    Instead of you being so far away
    Because this isn't fair
    That you left at such a young age.

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    Thank you, this poem really touched me. My friend died last year of sickle cell and she was only 11. I grew up with her, we went to primary school together and we had only started secondary...

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  2. 22. Hanging In Tough

    This is about a friend of mine from church. She became ill with cancer. She was taking chemo and radiation, and through her sickness she was such a brave person. She always trusted in God to get her through the rough times.

    Having Faith In God During Tough Times

    A fine lady.
    So gallantly strong,
    She stands for the good,
    The righteous, and God.

    At a small little church she faithfully arrives.
    She walks quietly about as she silently sighs.
    She greets with a hug with outstretched hands.
    "How are you doing today? Glad to see you," she says.

    I gently embrace her and ask, "How are you doing?
    You look pretty today."
    With a sad glow in her eyes, she says,
    "It's been kinda rough,
    But our God's on my side,
    And I'm hanging in tough."

    With a soft smile on her face, she sits in a pew,
    Among family and friends and others she knew.
    She graciously prays with her head slightly bowed,
    Singing God's hymns with a soft whispering sound.

    As she rises to leave, I squeeze her arm and say,
    "You look so beautiful and much better today."
    She speaks with a quick grin as she touches my cheek
    And replies with a voice that's suddenly weak.
    "It's a little rough, but you know me,
    I'm hanging in tough."

    She faithfully arrives at the little church
    One last time.
    She was carried by loved ones
    And friends by her side,
    A bouquet was placed on the pew
    Where she once sat,
    With flowers and ribbons and banner that read:

    God's taking me home.
    His ride won't be rough,
    For my days are all over for me.
    Hanging in tough.

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  3. 23. 1 Year Anniversary

    • By Laura
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2011

    Dedicated to my best friend who was in a terrible accident almost a year ago at the age of 23 which unknown to us at the time would eventually kill him 4 weeks later. I miss him, almost more now then I did at the beginning. He was the best friend I could have ever wished for and hope he's happy now and at rest. Laura xx

    The way I miss you is different now, I don't think about forever I just don't know how.
    I miss your face, your laugh and your smile, It seems like a lifetime, though its just been a while

    Its been a year since I heard the news that Oh so terrible day.
    I never thought id lose you 'I'm not going anywhere' I'd heard you say.

    But you did, your gone... there's no getting you back.
    At Least I have my memories..of which I know for sure there is no lack!

    I miss you so much, there's still a void in my heart.
    I just wish we could have lived our lives not ever having to be apart.
    I've given up wishing you'd come back to fill this hole.
    You put it there a year ago when your body left your soul.

    I know your gone I just wish I'd known.
    So that the last time I spoke with you I could have kept you on the phone.
    I'd have told you how much I loved you and how forever I'd know your smile.
    And how I didn't think I could live without you.. not even for a while.

    Although your gone and out of sight your definitely not out of mind.
    You've flown away and not through choice you left us all behind.

    I hope you know we still think of you and how much you meant to us.
    And how you made me feel the way that now your gone...no-one else does.

    It's been a year and it's safe to say, I still think about you everyday, I might not hope or even pray I just love and miss you in my own special way ...
    (My best friend forever you will always stay.)

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  4. 24. Who Would You Be Today?

    This poem was written a few days after my best friend died. It has now been 7 months and the guy stays on my mind all day. I love you Bobby!!!

    Pain Of Losing A Best Friend

    Could you imagine a pain so deep down inside
    That it can not be summarized in words you simply can write
    A pain that touches your toes and up to the top of the ceiling
    You can't eat, you can't sleep, that is the pain that I am feeling
    But my father raised a boy that can stand on his own
    But these different circumstances has got me feeling alone
    All the doctors and the nurses say you're dead and you're gone
    But it still feels like I could talk to you if I picked up the phone
    You can't fix a broken window you just replace the pane.
    But there is no pain great enough to replace your face
    With my eyes matted shut from the tears that I slept on
    I thank God for the pictures and your voice on my cell phone.
    But please, while you are awed in the mist of the Lord
    Don't forget all your friends and time spent on this world.
    I will never have a friend like you ever again.
    My heart is a vault now, I'm scared to let people in.
    No matter how many oceans or rivers I cry
    My heart will never let you go, I'll never say good bye.
    A lot of my hours are now spent in the place where you lay
    As I sit crying, wondering, who would you be today.

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    I loss my best friend/spiritual brother of 24 years in September 2017 to cancer. I miss him so much. I think of him just about every day. I have asked God "why" so many times. It was the...

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  5. 25. Goodbye Allen

    • By Sandy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    This poem is about my best friend and brother Allen Glodo that died on August 1st. Ever since then, everything with me has gone to hell and I made this for him a while ago, I just didn't have the time to put it up. May Allen rest in peace! :'(

    Rest In Peace

    Everyday I stare at your picture,
    the vivid look on your smiling face,
    tears fall on that picture,
    as I sit there, tears falling on my tear stained cheeks.

    you died at such a young age,
    why did it have to happen to you,
    you were my best friend, my brother,
    and I never get to see you again.

    it was a horrible accident,
    that car taking you away from me,
    that feeling in my heart knowing,
    just knowing that you were drifting away from me.

    When I heard you died,
    my heart broke in two,
    I couldn't breathe,
    my body was shutting down.

    That day I saw you,
    your body was cold, your face white,
    as white as a ghost.
    I held back on the tears, till the ceremony began.

    When I went to that podium with your fiancée,
    the tears were in her eyes as I held her hand,
    tears falling fast on my cheeks,
    faster than a waterfall in the forests.

    I sat down when she was done,
    I couldn't say anything,
    I buried my face in my hands and sobbed,
    the last words in my heart said, "goodbye Allen"

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    Omg this really really touched me... I kind of know how you feel my cousin who has lived with me for years had died from a car crash while he was texting me because as a regular student who...

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  6. 26. Death Of My Friends

    • By Cindy Blake
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009

    I wrote this poem for a friend, ex-boyfriend who was murdered in 2002. In the past 6 weeks, I have lost 2 of my very closest friends. Kathleen and Philip. The both were in their 30's and both left children behind. Both deaths, although unrelated, were very sudden and unexpected. When I wrote the poem, I thought about "I should have", "Why didn't I just..." and "What if...". I have some of those feelings with the recent deaths of my friends. I want people to realize, don't wait until it's too late...

    A Blue Jay landed on my fence post today
    such a beautiful sight in a world of gray

    I couldn't pull my eyes away, and then I thought of you
    and all of the love and all of the things
    that you never knew

    Then I thought of me and all the things I can never change
    my heart fell into pieces
    my tears fell down like rain

    I never said I love you, I can't erase that from my mind
    I would tell you that again and again
    if I could see you one more time

    I'm sorry for any pain I caused and for my selfishness
    But now you're gone and it's too late to say these words I guess

    I felt a breeze and at that time the Blue Jay flew away
    I heard a whisper in the wind, "don't worry, everything will be ok"

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    This was actually my mom's poem(:

    She (Cindy) and her husband, Jeff passed away in a vehicular homicide last Saturday night...

    I found the paper she had printed this out on and looked...

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  7. 27. Birthday At The Grave

    • By Sarah Griem
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2009

    this is for my friend that died in a car crash.
    I love you, Olivia.

    I know I haven't visited you
    Since the day you were buried
    And I just want to say I'm sorry.
    But I just still can't believe you're gone,
    And it's getting more real each day.
    The crash seems like yesterday.
    Although I know it's been quiet some time.
    It's almost your birthday.
    Don't worry, I haven't forgotten.
    I already got you a gift but
    it's just something small.
    I'm going to visit you and unwrap it by your side.
    Then scrap up some dirt, and place it in the earth.
    Next to it I'll place a picture,
    Of us and the team at the pool.
    And when you see them,
    I hope you know that I still miss you.
    And not a single day goes by that I don't wish you were here.

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  8. 28. I Will See You Again

    • By Hannah Murphy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    A very dear friend of mine died at the age of 21 in a horrible car accident and was not sure that he went to heaven so my friend one night had a dream in which he appeared in it and said that he was OK and that inspired me to right this. R.I.P Elden Keith Cox J.R

    I pray every night I could see you one last time
    I look in the clouds as if for a sign
    I got to sleep crying, I wish you were here
    But there in my dreams you once will appear
    That beautiful smile I see on your face
    Assures my heart your in a better place
    I knew you were special but not just to me
    How so many people loved you was clearly to see
    The day you were taken my heart was so broken
    I knew there were words I should have not left unspoken
    I miss you so much but I know you understand
    I cant wait for the day I get to hold your hand
    As we walk down the road that is paved with gold
    We will hear all the stories we were once told
    And there we will see Him. so beautiful and strong
    And we will know this is where we finally belong
    So soon I will be there and I know you will wait
    As you take my arm through the pearly gates
    But till then I will keep my head high and know it will be OK
    Until we can be together again one day

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    Thank you for putting to words what my grieving heart couldn't! I lost my best friend of five years in March 2017, Christopher Martin, age 31. He communicates with me through dreams and in...

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  9. 29. In Heaven

    • By Jo
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2007

    A very close friend of mine has recently taken his life. This poem is something I wrote for his mother who I have grown up with, or should I say, watched me grow up.

    Up in heaven,
    They have someone new

    At those gates,
    He'll be waiting for you

    Not just now,
    We need you here

    We'll all help you through
    Each and every tear

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  10. 30. When You Were Here

    • By Florence
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    This poem is dedicated to all of the people who have ever lost someone really close to them. The people who have ever felt alone or that life was worth nothing in the end. Don't worry. You are not alone.

    Death Of Friend

    When you were here, you made me smile
    When you were here, I could run a mile

    When you were here, I didn't have to cry
    When you were here, bad things went flying by

    When you were here, I never felt alone
    When you were here, I was as sweet as an ice cream cone

    When you were here, I felt no fear
    That is...when you were here

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  11. 31. I Miss You

    • By Maria Martinez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010

    This poem was written for my best friend when he died on June 12,2009. He was shot and fatally wounded. I wrote this poem in honor of him.

    If I had knew then, what I know now
    I would've spent more time with you
    Things go by so fast
    and I wish I could back and change the past.

    Even with the days that have gone by
    I think of you still, and often cry.
    People say time makes the hurt go away
    But I think of you, each and every day.

    Sure I miss all the things we used to do
    My best friend for life you will always be.
    Every night and day about you I pray.
    To see you smile at me again someday

    Now the place you're going, I may not get to go
    But I'll keep on trying, and I wanted you to know
    Now there's one more thing, I wish I could do
    I wish I could tell you how much I miss you.

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  12. 32. Garden Of Memories

    • By David Russell
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2011

    This poem is written in memory of my friend from my scout troop. I hope you never have to experience what it is like to have a friend commit suicide.

    Friend Suicide Poem

    Seeing your body as white as snow,
    One look at your coffin and we already know.

    You didn't have to do it,
    You didn't have to die.

    You could have told us,
    We could have helped you.

    Now we all only have One question,

    You gave us no warning,
    Not even a delay.

    Not even enough time to say,

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  13. 33. My Despair

    • By Tiffany S.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2015

    After going from what we were told was pneumonia to hearing stage 4 cancer, my best friend lost his life after 2 months of us fighting this mean disease together- because I agreed to stay with him and I never left. He never complained and he stayed strong the whole time, vowing never to give up, but his opponent was much too strong. We held hands real tight and took on the biggest fight of his life.

    Poem About Loss Of Friend To Cancer

    Sad eyes
    Long face
    Heavy heart
    Empty space
    Weakened knees
    Frail arms
    Since you've been gone

    You needed me then
    I need you now
    Have to move on
    But not sure how
    Still hear your voice
    And see your smile
    I guess it's okay
    You're cancer-free now

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    I was so sad when my best friend Jade died of cancer. We were twins because we were born on the same day. There's not a day where I don't remember you.

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  14. 34. Use To Be

    • By April Hensley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    This is a poem that I dedicate to my BEST friend that passed away 15 years ago.
    Her name is Rita Faye Hicks. She passed away from kidney failure at a very young age.
    Till this day I miss her so.

    Kidney Failure

    We use to be so happy
    We use to be inseparable
    we use to be the best of friends
    until the day It came to an end.

    I sit and wonder
    from day to day
    what you would look like
    If you were here today.

    I sit here and look back
    at the times we shared
    you were so young
    you didn't have a care.

    You knew that you were dying
    but didn't say a word
    I wish that I could of been with you
    when you said your final goodbye.

    It broke my heart to lose you
    my heart still aches with pain
    for you didn't go alone that day
    for part of me went with you
    when God called you home that day.

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    Today, I found out my best friend had died. She too, had suffered from kidney failure. I love this poem, because it describes exactly what I feel. It is too the point. I hope the writer...

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  15. 35. See Ya, Love Ya, Bye

    • By Judy
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2011

    Remembering my friend and co-worker, Bob Long - who died suddenly at the age of 51. Bob was loved by all. He was such a humorous guy - kept everyone laughing even during stressful times. He will be missed forever by his family, friends, co-workers and especially his sweet wife, Nancy.

    When I heard that you had left us
    I was simply blown away
    How could that be possible?
    We were laughing yesterday.

    Your dry wit and your humor
    Your 'grin' and devilish smile
    No one knew what you'd do next
    You had one unique style!

    Oh how I'd anticipate you
    Clocking "in" on second shift
    How I waited for your quips
    You had a truly special gift.

    Always there for everyone
    So dependable, sincere
    Kind, gentle and caring
    Felt good to have you near.

    So, my dear departed friend
    I'll think of you each day
    Peace and rest and comfort
    I hope you've found today.

    Your last words to me
    Will help my tears to dry
    You punched my arm and said,
    "Hey...see ya, love ya, bye!"

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    This reminds of my best friend who attempted suicide last week.

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  16. 36. A Poem For You

    • By Sondra
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2010

    This is a poem dedicated to a very intimate friend of mine who was murdered Sunday April, 13, 2008. Black on black crime is a real issue and affects my community every day! This is the first time I lost someone so close to my heart and some days I don't know how to deal.
    What is funny is that I went 3 months without seeing him after we broke up, only phone calls here and there. And the day before he died I run into him at the grocery store and later he called and we talked like old times.
    The night I got the call I was lying in my dorm thinking about him and I said to myself I'm gonna call Tony tomorrow... But tomorrow never came for him and sometimes I feel like it never came for me either.

    Nov 14, 1988 - Apr 13, 2008

    For A Murdered Friend

    Everyday I wake up
    Realizing that you are gone
    Reality keeps forcing me
    To accept that you are done

    Finished with all the chaos
    This earthly world can bring
    Through with all the pain and problems
    And all those simple things

    Am I so selfish to wish that you
    Were here alive on earth?
    Am I wrong to wish you back
    Just so I won't hurt?

    All the things I never said
    Strong feelings I never shared
    I took your love for granted and put you off
    Because I just knew you would always be there

    I pushed you away because I needed space
    To be young, live the college life, and grow
    But I was gonna get back right with you
    I swear
    But now you'll never know

    You left behind family and friends
    Lovers and colleagues the same
    I still can't believe those boys that day
    That bullet
    It must've had your name

    But now you're gone
    They took your life
    I'm sure for no worthy cause
    Am I wrong for hoping
    They can't sleep at night
    For motivating this unjust loss?

    But it is me who lies awake
    At night thinking about you
    What ifs and why nots run through my mind
    Sometimes I hate that I fell in love with you

    No matter how hard I cry or pray
    I know you're not coming back to me
    I'll never forget the around-the-face kisses
    Your love for me ran deep

    I thank God everyday for granting me
    Your presence on Saturday before you died
    I hadn't seen you in months
    And there you were, that day, to my surprise

    I can only wait until the day
    That we'll meet again
    I know that you will still be you
    Funny, crazy, a friend

    You were never perfect
    You weren't an angel by far
    But damn boy you were you
    And even before you died
    I knew I would never be able
    To replace you

    Your smile, your eyes
    Your laughter, your words
    Are embedded in my mind
    And forever you'll live in my heart and dreams
    Until the end of my life

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    This poem touched me because my autistic brother was brutally murdered May 31, 2015, at a house party. He helped set up for the party, he was such a genuine person. The killers would hang out...

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  17. 37. It's Over Now

    • By Kristen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    This poem was written after a break up, that ended in a tragic accident. This poem was based on a true story.

    Your Sudden Death

    It's Over Now
    We had some problems
    love was tough
    we got in a fight
    and I said I had enough

    You got mad and left
    With whiskey on your breath
    You hit someone head on
    That's what lead to your sorrowful death

    Everyone was at your funeral
    wearing everything in black
    I looked at your funeral in fault
    walking off never looking back

    Ever since you died that day
    all I could do was meth
    I still regret that argument
    that brought you to your sudden death.

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    My cousin was an alcoholic so I know what is like to be around somebody that drank and didn't care about his life. He was always getting into fights and he always ended up in jail for a night...

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  18. 38. One Lost Teen Is Too Many

    • By Joni Jade
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    In 2004 when my youngest son was a senior in high school. 5 of his classmates died. All unrelated incidents.

    I was so torn apart by this all I could do was write this poem.

    From toddlers to teens, it happens so fast.
    All parents can do is remember the past.

    Holding hands with mom and dad, at ages five, six, seven.
    Then off they go finding friends at eleven.

    At twelve they are time bombs, sometimes sweet, sometimes mean.
    Then along comes the dreaded ever so exciting thirteen.

    Fourteen and fifteen, those adolescent years.
    Bringing such happiness and also some tears.

    Beautiful, emotional girls and risky, frisky boys.
    Not old enough to drive, but too old for toys.

    We try to get them to appreciate time, make it precious and last.
    But all our teens want to do is grow up just a little too fast.

    Sixteen and seventeen, off they go behind the wheel of a car.
    We struggle to cut the ties to give them the freedom to venture off that far.

    Eighteen and nineteen, fighting the pain of first loves.
    Going off to college, leaving home, or getting their first jobs.

    Now they are turning into young adults, our dear teens.
    Living out their new ideas, their goals and their dreams.

    With twenty around the corner we see them maturing, becoming wiser even a bit bolder.
    We want them to be safe, we want them to be happy but we especially want to see them another year older.

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    Latest Shared Story

    since I was a child till I reached my adolescence this story helped me to overview my life........
    its a fabulous creation
    keep up the good work

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  19. 39. I Want To Wake Up Now

    • By Palina
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2010

    My boyfriend died in April 2010. Its been a month and a half and I feel depressed every single day. I miss him so much. I lie awake at night and think of all the good times we had together, and the bad. It drives me crazy knowing that I will never see him again or lay next to him. I wrote this poem to express how I feel, as if this is one horrid nightmare that I want to wake up from now!

    I can't sleep, I want to wake up
    Life has become unreal
    I forget how to feel
    Day after day, going through the motions
    Living with the pain
    There's a hole in my heart
    No spark in my brain
    My soul is grey
    My thoughts are black
    The world is plain
    Even the sun can't rid the shadows
    The shadows you left, all around my home
    Filling up my heart
    This is the price I pay since it turned out till death do us part.

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  20. 40. Just One Thing I Should Have Said

    • By Ciara
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2012

    This is something I should of said to my good friend, but I didn't get the chance as he sadly took his own life. I think about him every day, even dream of him at night!
    There were no signs of what he was going to do.
    I always loved him but never told him so. I just wish I had the chance to say goodbye before he had to go.

    He is a friend to remember,
    A friend I miss so much.
    I think about all the laughter
    And even the times we'd touch.

    I know you know the score now
    As you look down from above.
    You see me full of sorrow
    'Cause so much of you I love.

    I wish I had the chance,
    But you decided you had to go.
    That night you asked me for that dance
    I should have told you so.

    But as every day has passed,
    I can almost feel you near.
    I just always thought you'd forever last
    But now it's you I cannot hear.

    Just one thing I should have said
    While you were still down here,
    But you stepped inside that bloody shed,
    Though I will always hold you near.

    I know to heaven you have been led.
    You're my angel up above,
    But just one thing I should have said.
    It was you I always LOVED.

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