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I'm 13 years old, and so far life is really hard. My mother had 3 strokes when I was 5. Ever since then, I take care of her. Sometimes I feel as if she's no longer my mother. I have no other family. In September of 2010 my best friend, Mark, died. Since then I've lost 6 friends. This is for them. I hope you guys are happy up there. I miss you all so much.

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I just had to say my final goodbyes to a childhood friend Saturday and have to do it again this Wednesday. When God is ready to call you home, you must go. It's a hurtful feeling, I know, but...

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Too Many, Too Young


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2012 with permission of the Author.

Why'd you leave so soon?
I sit here with bitter gloom.
You always understood my fears.
You always stopped my pouring tears.
We'd talk and laugh and live it up,
And now I wait for death to come.
I cry my shallow tears
And give voice to all new fears.

A whisper told me to stay strong
When everything was going wrong.
I miss your touch
From dusk till dawn
I'll try and keep my spirit strong.
But for just how long?
Tell me,
Why'd you leave so soon?

You knew it would come,
Too young.
Too young to die,
But somehow he took your life.
I can still see your smile
Shine bright like a star.
A little whisper in my heart.
Why'd you leave so soon?

I wish I could have felt your ease
When your pain ceased.
To exist in such glory as yours,
I'll wait and hold my pillow tight
And kiss your shortened life goodbye.
As I cry my sacred tears,
Too many friends lost in young years.
Why'd you leave so soon?


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  • Antionette Nero by Antionette Nero
  • 5 years ago

I just had to say my final goodbyes to a childhood friend Saturday and have to do it again this Wednesday. When God is ready to call you home, you must go. It's a hurtful feeling, I know, but God knows best...

  • Zabdy Monroy by Zabdy Monroy, Jalisco
  • 9 years ago

Hi! I'm 14 years old. I'm too young for this. We all are. When I was 11, my dad died. A couple of months latter my 11-year-old cousin died too. For the next couple of months people in my family started dying. That changed way too much. My mom became a totally different person; way too careless, but way too careful. I don't know if that makes sense, but... I have two younger siblings and the little sister of my cousin that died to take care of. It is hard. I just wish things were different. I just wish people didn't die young, because I need them. We need them.
I feel like I've got the world in my shoulders. I want to be good and strong, but it's too much. People tell me I don't have to be strong, but if I'm not what would be of my siblings? I can't break down, but I do. I fight it but I can't. I want to be strong for them.

  • Nethanye Rodriguez by Nethanye Rodriguez
  • 10 years ago

Hi, I'm Nethanye I'm 15 years old and just like anyone else who commented about your poem, I lost my best friend in the whole world by suicide. I'm emo and so was my best friend Matt and I had met him when I got places in the same room as him cause I got sent to a mental hospital and after we met we just hit it off after a week of shyness and my sentence was a year and his ended two months before mine since he had been there longer than me. And one month before he could leave he committed suicide in our room while I was sleeping during the night and I woke up to him hanging from the ceiling and that was 5 or 6 years ago and it still scares me for life. He died when he was 11 and I was 10 and I miss him like crazy and I blame myself for his death.

  • Katie Newton Aycliffe by Katie Newton Aycliffe
  • 10 years ago

I'm 17 years old and I lost my very best friend we were always together and spent all our school years together till 1 horrible day we were in the car on our way home and then that's when the accident happened. We got crushed in between a car and a van and my best friend got out of the car first and was air lifted straight to hospital and I was trapped in the car and I couldn't breath so the fire crew had to get me untangled but 1 hour later I was free out of the car and on my way to hospital. They all thought I wasn't going to make it cause I didn't respond to anything. I was in a coma but after 4 weeks off being in a coma I was back in my bed in hospital and then I was told that my friend had to go. I had to go and say my goodbyes to her as they turned her life support machine off 4 weeks on a life support machine and then she slipped away straight away. I knew this was going to happen but it was still hard I cried myself to sleep. I cried everyday just knowing that I watched her slip away. I was in hospital for 2 months before I was allowed home I was allowed to attend the funeral the day I was dreading having to stand up in front off all my school mates and everyone that loved her and read my poem but as I promised her I would sing the song she wanted me to. It was called If I let you go by westlife then after the funeral people came and seen me before going back to hospital and then after 2 months I returned home and nothing was the same. I knew it was ruined forever I hate myself for what happened even though I was hurt more then her and I couldn't walk or move. People laid flowers outside my house for me and say I have to keep strong even though all I wanted was to curl up in a ball and cry all I wanted was the pain to be over....

  • Kaitie by Kaitie
  • 10 years ago

Sweetie, I understand. I come from a rough life too. I'm now 17 but my daddy passed away when I was 5 and not a year later my mom got really sick. I was stuck raising myself as well as taking care of my mother. My best friend, Samantha, was all I really had and she passed away 2 days after her 17th birthday, last September.

  • Amanda by Amanda
  • 10 years ago

I recently lost a friend this past Sunday in a horrific automobile accident. She was 18 years old and in college. I miss her so much.... She was hit by an ambulance while leaving her work place in Church Hill, Tennessee....:( I wish I could see her face and hear her voice one more time. Part of me wishes it was only a bad dream. RIP Samantha Hathaway. I love and miss you very much!! <3

  • Natasha Clems by Natasha Clems
  • 11 years ago

I'm 13 years old too! This year, a someone I knew (my age!) died in an accident. It was so shocking, I don't know hardly anyone to be killed now. I guess it's just so unreal at our age, I feel your pain to lose someone with close connections to you. Idk what I would do if I lost my best friend... my heart goes out to you--I know what it's like! :(

  • Zoe by Zoe
  • 11 years ago

My friend died last week, 16, a heart attack, from NZ :-( I love him so much he was funny, smart, courageous, attractive and just everything a friend could be <3 I feel your pain!!! Xxxxxx

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