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  1. The Day You Left Us.

    • By Lily Hernandez-Black
    • Published: October 2008

    For my nephew Steven Jackson Stafford 11/02/1993-10/20/2004

    The day you left us was heartbreak and sorrow.
    The day you left us we saw no tomorrow. ...

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    I dedicate this poem to my mum and dad, who died within a week of each other.

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  3. Remember A Soldier Today

    He marches in God's army now but once
    upon a time,
    With valor he fought long and proud
    our freedom on his mind....

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  4. Wishful Dreams

    • By Lindsey K. Mccoy
    • Published: February 2006

    If I had one wish to make
    I'd use it up on you.
    Just to see you one more time
    In the heavenly sky so blue

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    Looking for a poem to remember my youngest sister and my dad. My sister left us May 2011 - leaving her 3 little boys and it's 30 years since my dad left us. This poem just says everything...

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  6. Daddy

    • By Nichole
    • Published: November 2007
    Loving Memories Of A Father

    Your hands so warm
    your voice so clear
    I still remember your laughter
    like yesterday had never gone...

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  7. Remembering You

    • By Ronda Beebe
    • Published: January 2009

    Tinkering with old gadgets,
    Riding on that old tractor.
    You lived to be outside,
    under that big blue sky....

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    My husband died 1-22-10 from a lung condition caused from Arthritis and complicated by pneumonia; he was 73 years old. He had never been ill; his death was a great shock to me and his whole...

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  8. Memories of an Uncle


    Since the day the skies turned gray
    It was then I thought of you
    As the rain pondered upon my tin-roof
    Tears from my eyes shown how much I missed you...

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    I know you are crying and you are sad, but I just want to let you know that you don't have to cry anymore. Pray and you will see them close to your eyes. They are there Get together with...

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  10. Love You Brother

    • By Melinda K. Hayes
    • Published: February 2006

    Let me see your smile.
    We'll run down to the fallen pine
    and play for just a while....

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    My name is Tiffaney and I lost my brother/Twin on Dec 12th, 2005. Worst day of my life.
    My brother, a true best friend, role model, awesome uncle and so much more went out to help my husband...

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  11. My Dad

    • By Sherrie S. Grigg
    • Published: February 2006

    My dad was a so very special father to me.
    He was so wonderful, gentle, friendly, great, loving and caring man to me.
    He always made me happy and laugh.
    I sometimes do cry about my very precious daddy, ...

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  12. Remember

    • By Roxie A. Yockey
    • Published: February 2006
    Lifetime Of Beautiful Memories

    Yesterday life was so precious, so new
    Filled with the promise
    Of dreams to come true
    Yesterday we held hands...

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    Thank you for this poem. Every word is true to my own story. I lost my husband when our daughter was two while carrying our son.

  13. A Heavenly Birthday

    Birthday Wishes To Daughter In Heaven

    You walk beside me every day.
    You're here in all I do and say.
    At night I close my eyes and pray
    To someone who took you away.

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