In Memory Poems

In Memory Poems

In Loving Memory Poems

The act of creating a poem is a memorial for one who has passed away. It is an act of spirituality. A memorial tells the world that while our loved one may be gone his or her spirit lives on. This individual will forever be tied together in the circle of life. Our Loved One's life mattered and continues to matter. Their acts of goodness and courage will never be forgotten. A memorial is a way to remember a loved one forever.

59 Remembrance Poems to Remember Loved Ones

  1. 1. Goodbye, England's Queen!

    • By Azeezah Awal
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 14, 2022

    In token of the memory of Queen Elizabeth II, I had penned the following lines. I struggled to find words to describe my sentiments, hoping perhaps this tribute and my message of condolence would be conveyed to her loved ones, so they could find some comfort knowing the dear mother and sovereign they had lost was significantly loved by all.

    A Tribute To A Monarch

    Alas! The death of Queen Elizabeth the Second is declared;
    From the Scottish Highlands, the specter of grief appeared,
    At Balmoral Castle, the tempest of tears begins to cascade away-
    Where near her loved ones, the Queen reigned for the final day!
    Her legacy shall fondly be remembered in every alley of these lands,
    By all those who in their prime had pledged their loyal hands!

    Long, O, for long may her legacy be cherished - far and wide,
    And our noble sovereign's name be remembered with pride,
    The loveliest monarch who ever graced the throne,
    Whose virtues even foreign strangers had to condone-
    To whom this nation vowed the service of their years,
    And now have been reduced to an ocean of tears.
    May the love of the mourners upon thee forever shine,
    And thy glory may the world perpetually enshrine!
    Welcome her, O heaven, with all thy glamor,
    The Queen of earth, who sought no power,
    The generous soul who dignified her throne,
    Oh, Paradise! Rejoice and make her your own!

    Death had come too soon! The beloved sovereign had fallen.
    Death has shattered the lamp of love, hope, and reason,
    O, how the nation's congregations are weeping!
    O, the soft-hearted ones who have begun mourning!
    It is still surreal to believe the proclaimer's word:
    The dearest Queen Elizabeth had left our world!
    May future sovereigns of England imitate her ways
    And be champions of tolerance to the latest day!
    With grateful hearts, we pray for lasting peace,
    So the monarch of tomorrow may rule with ease!
    And England be safe from all turmoil and fear,
    And this gracious isle remain to our hearts, dear!
    O, the beloved sovereign, who lives no more!
    O, the sadness we are feeling by the Atlantic's shore!
    Let the birds of the heavens sing a joyous song,
    For the Queen whose influence will live for long.
    With a sense of loss and endless sorrow,
    We brave once more the dawn of tomorrow.
    But Russians, Americans, foreign we may be,
    We are all but one in our farewell to thee!

    O, the legacy of the glorious sovereign who lives no more!
    We lament the Queen who graced this England's shore.
    Death had delivered Her Majesty from our mortal station,
    O, give glory to her name and condolence to her nation,
    Gentle comfort to the ones who yielded to lamentation!
    Let these heartening words be a token of our dedication,
    From nations afar, we offer our mortal consecration,
    To the monarch who reigned seven decades since her coronation,
    Farewell, O faithful Queen, may thy legacy forever survive,
    We shall mourn thy death as long as we are alive!
    Farewell, noble Queen, farewell to eternity,
    We are all one in our wishes for thee!
    Bid her farewell, O nation by the sea!
    Farewell to her from the land of the free!

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  3. 2. The Fallen

    As was previously mentioned, I had served in Vietnam. I witnessed firsthand acts of bravery that should not be forgotten. The soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice represent the heart and soul of what our great country had been built upon. Everyone in America should be made aware of what these people have given up.

    Remembering Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

    Fragile is a single life the brave so freely give.
    Bound for immortality, their souls will surely live.
    Death, don't be proud for what you took, they freely gave away.
    Their quest for freedom far outweighed the fear that you convey.

    They joined the ranks of warriors, staying vigil day and night.
    They often skipped a meal or two, but they never missed a fight.
    God bless the men and women whose fighting days are done.
    Say a special prayer at night for each and every one.

    Rest assured that you will find throughout the coming years
    These fallen warriors will return in the hearts of all their peers!
    If we forget their sacrifice, their deaths will be in vain.
    Let's stand beside their loved ones as we sing their last refrain:

    You've come upon our heaven's gate
    You surely won't have long to wait.
    The saints will take good care of you,
    But there is still a lot to do.

    You've joined the ranks of everyone
    Who fought so freedom could be won.
    Although your job on earth is done,
    Your work in heaven's just begun.

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  5. 3. My Early Morning Visit

    I wrote this as I strolled through an old cemetery near my home. It was very early on a cloudy morning, and it was so peaceful.

    A Visit To A Cemetery

    I took a walk this morning
    Just as the sun began to rise,
    And the inky clouds encompassed her
    And cluttered up the skies.

    In the gloom I stood among
    Those worn and weathered stones.
    Stretched out upon the greenest grass
    Each standing quite alone.

    A morning bird was singing
    Such a sweet and mournful song,
    A tribute to those dearest souls
    Who long ago moved on.

    Ancient trees stood towering
    Like loyal sentries standing guard,
    Witnesses to all those laid to rest
    And those surviving broken hearts.

    The respectful silence floated
    On a chilly morning breeze,
    And the peacefulness embraced me
    Like a blanket warming me.

    Outside the gates, life carried on,
    A siren pierced the hallowed air.
    I thought perhaps another soul
    Would soon be buried there.

    I strolled around quite aimlessly
    Entranced by all those words in stone,
    And I realized that behind those words
    Each had a story of their own.

    I was glad I came to visit them
    On this dark and dreary day,
    And shared my story with them too
    As I wandered on my way.

    And as I reached the gates to leave,
    Rain fell lightly from the sky,
    And I swear I heard the softest voice
    Bidding me a sweet good-bye.

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    Dear Aaron,
    Your comment is so touching. I wish you could share the melody with me. I'm just so happy that you can hear that melody and have paid such a beautiful tribute to my words by...

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  6. 4. Dear Mother, I've So Much To Tell You

    This is a poem I wrote for my mom for Mother's Day. I wrote this after she passed away to honor her memory

    Tribute To Mother

    Dear Mother, I've so much to tell you,
    I wouldn't know where to begin.
    There's so much I've learned in the years since you've gone,
    How I long to just see you again.

    It's amazing how now at this point in my life,
    All your words of advice ring so true.
    And I know now you spoke from that place where you came,
    And from all that your life brought you through.

    I recognize, too, just how hard you had tried
    To prepare me for all life could be.
    And surviving through my own life's struggles
    Made me see what your words meant to me.

    I regret how I took you for granted,
    Just expecting you'd always be there.
    Too self-involved to take time to see,
    Just how much it had cost you to care.

    There were times when I know you felt frustrated,
    There was only so much you could do.
    And despite how much guidance and help that you gave,
    I know the hell I put you through.

    I remember those days when you seemed very sad,
    But I never took time to ask why.
    But in life I've discovered when you give of yourself,
    It can make you feel empty inside.

    I know there were so many hopes that you had,
    Dreams you could never see through.
    Instead, you spent each precious moment you could
    Trying to make all my wishes come true.

    What I miss more today than that mother I loved
    Is that woman who became my dear friend,
    With her hysterical wit and her warm open heart,
    And a loyalty that remained till the end.

    If I could just see you for just one last time,
    If I could just hug you again,
    I'd thank you for being all that you were,
    And for making me all that I am.

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  7. 5. Your Love Goes With Me

    Your love
    Goes with me
    Today and every day.

    I feel it
    When I’m listening
    To the songs the trees make
    Or the music we listened to
    On sunny summer days.

    I feel it
    When I look at
    Old photos of you.
    I have your same eyes
    And so much
    Of the same outlook as you.

    I feel it
    When your old ring
    Clangs against my heart,
    Hanging from a chain
    That I wear every day
    And never take apart.

    I feel it
    When a familiar scent
    Mixes with my memories
    Of you,
    The cologne on your clothes
    And the way the smell
    Shocks my senses anew.

    I feel it
    When I eat your
    Favorite food,
    Perch dinners
    Or Payday candy bars,
    All the things you were into.

    I feel it everywhere
    I feel it in everything.

    It trickles into my days
    In a million little ways.
    Your love will never be lost,
    It comforts and persists
    And it stays.

    Your love gives me strength.
    Your love makes me brave.

    Your love
    Goes with me
    Today and every day.

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  8. 6. Dancing With My Dad

    • By Rosemarie Ev Shaeffer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 9, 2021

    Tribute to my dad, remembering and missing dancing with him through the years from a little girl in a Flamenco dress, jitter bugging in socks, and at parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

    Memories With Dad

    Socks glide across the kitchen floor,
    Arms spin me around once more.
    Best time I ever had,
    Was dancing with my Dad.

    Family and strangers gather round,
    Outdoor music, blaring sound.
    Familiar face and I'm so glad,
    Once more dancing with my Dad.

    Sitting beside him in the bed,
    Thinking about the life he led.
    Wishing he could rise; I'm mad,
    Not to be dancing with my Dad.

    Memories glide like a soft caress,
    Dark haired little girl in a fancy dress.
    Close my eyes, chase away the sad,
    Remember dancing with my Dad.

    Red cardinal, so bright to see,
    On the fence, reminder to me,
    The best time I ever had,
    Was dancing with my Dad.

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  9. 7. Beautiful Boy

    • By Lorraine Durkin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 24, 2021

    This poem is my way of grieving the tragic loss of my best friend's son. Someone I love too, so much. He was beautiful energy, and I am heartbroken for his Mom and family. Since he was a little guy, he cared about his Mom in such a sweet way, never wanting to see her sad or cry, so this poem is really for her from her beautiful boy.

    Mom, Remember Me

    Remember me with laughter, for I loved to make you smile.
    I'll be that funny thought you haven't thought of in a while.
    Remember me when sunshine is streaming on your face;
    the warmth that you are feeling is me and my embrace.
    Remember me with pride, for you raised me to be true,
    and know that I am grateful that God gave me to you.
    Remember when you think of me, I'm thinking of you too,
    and when you're really missing me, I'm really missing you.
    Remember when you hear a song that fills your heart with joy,
    it's the love that I am sending you, xo Your Beautiful Boy

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  10. 8. When I Remember You

    My close friend lost his wife recently, and because of COVID, he never got to say goodbye, so I wrote this poem for him. I hope anyone who has lost someone can relate or take comfort.

    Remembering A Spouse

    When I remember you, I remember the first time we met.
    I look back at our time together with absolutely no regret.

    When I remember you, I remember the first time I looked into your eyes.
    I couldn't believe my luck; I thought I had won first prize.

    When I remember you, I remember when you stole my heart.
    I knew from that first moment they could never keep us apart.

    When I remember you, I remember our favourite song,
    But somehow it sounds different without you humming along.

    When I remember you, I always shed a tear
    For every moment we had together and every happy year.

    When I remember you, I miss our walks alone at night,
    Stars in the sky, hand in hand, we surely were a sight.

    When I remember you and the love we always shared,
    Of life without you at my side, no way was I prepared,

    So now when I remember you, my love, I remember mostly this...
    I'll see you soon in paradise, and together we'll reminisce.

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  11. 9. Broken Dreams

    Short poem regarding losing a loved one. It's believing you'll meet once again that keeps you going.

    Life After Losing A Loved One

    The days fade and die.
    The years have flown by.
    Loved ones have passed;
    Now only memories remain.

    Those dreams you once shared,
    They still linger there.
    Believing in Heaven
    You'll meet once again.

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  12. 10. Absent From The Body

    Allowing us to feel the depth of a great loss helps us to grieve with hope, to cry and smile at the same time.

    We'll Always Remember You

    You have served your time
    and lived out your days.
    You have now made the move
    from your house of clay.

    You went on ahead of us,
    as you answered the call.
    We, too, must take our leave,
    not just some of us, but all.

    We can no longer see you,
    but we can feel you near.
    You are hidden in our hearts,
    and we'll always hold you dear.

    We can no longer hear you,
    but we will keep you close.
    The memories of you are many,
    and the love will not grow old.

    We can no longer touch you,
    but thoughts of you remain.
    We remember your kindness
    and the love we exchanged.

    You are absent from the body;
    it has now returned to the dust.
    But your spirit lives on
    and will reunite with us.

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  13. 11. I'll Wait...

    This poem was written for a friend whose love is now sadly dearly departed. When someone you love has passed on, they're only a heartbeat away. The memories never fade. Loved in life, loved in death forever and a day.

    I'll wait patiently here in heaven
    For the day that you make your presence.
    A transcendental get-together
    That'll last till the end of forever.

    Where angels care for God's Golden Fleece
    O'er those at rest in heavenly peace.
    It's true without a shadow of doubt
    The light flowed in as my life ebbed out.

    Don't be sad for what came to pass.
    Be glad for the precious time we had,
    Memoirs of beautiful forget-me-nots
    Tied with ribbons in true lover's knots.

    Now I'm here with the Lord at my side
    In heaven's celestial paradise.
    Have no more worries or fear for me.
    All is as it was promised to be.

    In the distance hear my voice calling
    Through the birdsong in every morning.
    See me in the moon and stars at night
    For there my love shines ever bright.

    Smell me in the fragrant sweet perfume
    Of roses when they begin to bloom.
    Feel me in the warmth of summer sun.
    Hold me in your dreams when day is done.

    Remember, I'll wait beyond the bend
    To meet and greet where the rainbow ends.

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  14. 12. Healing Within

    The pain from the death of a loved one never goes away; we just learn how to live without them.

    Healing Acrostic Poem After Loved One's Death

    Happiness is my veil,
    Emptiness in my heart.
    Always carrying you within me,
    Like you never left my side.
    It never seems to fade away,
    Not even for a minute.
    Goodbye is not forever.

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  15. 13. My Mum's Birthday

    • By Suzanne N. Painter
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2019

    I lost my mother many years ago. The date of her birth is also the date of her passing. She is sadly missed. I love you, Mum!

    Remembering The Memories Of A Mother

    I lost you all those years ago,
    But memories don't fade; they grow.
    Your special day will always be
    One that means so much to me.

    A special wish to show I care,
    A card, a gift, and time to share.
    That special day that marked your birth,
    Also the day you left this Earth.

    I celebrate on that day still.
    I always have and always will.
    I know that you are always there,
    For now I speak with you in prayer.

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  16. 14. Happy Birthday In Heaven

    I write poems for my own personal therapy. All my poems are true and are from feelings I've felt at some point. I'm a mother of 4 kids who are my world.

    The very first month
    Of each passing year
    Brings up your birthday
    Even though you're not here.

    There are years that I smile
    Seeing memories of you,
    But sometimes it's hard
    The whole day through.

    I don't buy you gifts
    Or ice cream and cake.
    I don't send invites;
    There are no guests to thank.

    Just as you liked it
    When you were with us.
    Not much on attention
    Or making a fuss.

    You'd give others presents
    Instead of you.
    God understood that
    And knew what to do.

    He put you together
    With a kind heart.
    He made you perfect
    Right from the start.

    You became the present
    'Cause he knew how'd you'd be.
    Even on YOUR birthday
    You'd give the gifts to me.

    Yet, it still seems ironic
    That on the day of your birth
    I got the best gift
    With the most worth.

    So on January second
    Of every year,
    I'm down on my knees
    And fighting the tears.

    I thank God for my gift
    Of choosing you as my Dad.
    You were the best father
    I could have had.

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  17. 15. Balloons In Heaven

    • By Sharon L. Rice
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2019

    My best friend lost her 3-year-old son, Jayden, to Meningitis in 2012, just 2 weeks before Christmas. We got him to the hospital, but he later died. Jayden was a big part of my life, and watching him pass away was extremely heartbreaking. Writing this poem for Jayden's birthday has enabled me to express what he means to us all.

    Celebrating A Birthday In Heaven

    Your birthday is here again,
    but in heaven you will be.
    We will celebrate your special day
    visiting you and your memorial tree.

    You are now another year older;
    this will never show on your face.
    In heaven you are a child forever
    as this is your magical place.

    We call out your precious name
    and send balloons up to the sky.
    We watch them fade into the clouds.
    The wind has sent them up high.

    We hope you have a party up there
    with the balloons we sent to you.
    Presents to open from the angels
    and a cake with some candles too!

    We will sing you Happy Birthday,
    but we try not to shed a tear
    as this should be a happy day
    we will celebrate each year.

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  18. 16. Birthday Wishes To My Son In Heaven

    I wrote this poem for my son who died in 2010. I wrote it for his first birthday in heaven, as I could not allow his special day to go unnoticed. I needed to make sure he was not forgotten by others outside our small family, and by writing it, it made me feel closer to him...

    If I could have one wish in life,
    That wish would have to be
    That God would take away my pain
    And send you back to me.

    Your birthday's here today, my son,
    And I just wanted you to know
    How much I deeply love you
    And that I miss you so.

    On days like this we should celebrate,
    But for me that now proves hard,
    For unlike other mothers, I cannot send
    A simple birthday card.

    No kisses can I give you
    Or birthday gifts to buy.
    Only flowers I now can give you,
    Which I place down where you lie.

    Two other things I send you
    Are my thoughts and all my love,
    So hold them close and keep them safe
    In Heaven up above.

    And please wait for me, my darling
    Until my days are through,
    And then I'll come and spend all time
    In Heaven just with you.

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    I am a mother and a grandmother. The Bible teaches us that no sin is greater than another because of forgiveness. I believe the same with sorrow. None greater or less than another. It's in...

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  19. 17. A Heavenly Birthday

    My daughter died 5 years ago, but it is like it happened yesterday. I sat with her holding her hand as she died. This is a poem I wrote for her 25th birthday.

    Birthday Wishes To Daughter In Heaven

    You walk beside me every day.
    You're here in all I do and say.
    At night I close my eyes and pray
    To someone who took you away.

    My thoughts are all in disarray.
    My tears are public, on display.
    I wish that you were here today,
    That you could take my pain away.

    Why do I play this game I play?
    Pretend to all that I'm okay?
    This will sound selfish, some will say,
    But I wish you hadn't gone away.

    I don't go out, got feet of clay.
    I know you're here so want to stay.
    I wish I could relive that day.
    I would have washed your pain away.

    Memories like a DVD play,
    Memories of that awful day.
    So much that I wanted to say
    That day someone took you away.

    My thoughts don't move; they never may,
    Won't even meet me half the way,
    So till we meet on God's highway,
    I'll sit and dream my life away.

    I send my love to heaven today,
    Not just because it's your birthday.
    I'll send you love every day
    Until my life has passed away.

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    Love it, hits the right notes for me as a recent widow. It beautifully expressed my thoughts.

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  20. 18. Empty Chair

    This is a poem written about someone very dear to me who passed away and left a big void in my life. It talks about the things you miss when someone has gone and the constant reminders that are all around.

    Missing Someone Who Has Passed Away

    The chair where you sat lies vacant and still.
    The air so silent, through my body runs a chill,

    The sound of your laughter echoes in my ears.
    The teddy that you loved brings me close to tears.

    Photos of you smiling are scattered on the wall.
    The sense that you are here, as I walk through the hall.

    An empty bed remains made just as it was that night.
    Bedroom left alone, even though you're out of sight.

    Your DVDs and music left untouched upon the shelf,
    Some of which you didn't get to watch yourself.

    The cup from which you drank tea alone behind the door,
    Left abandoned like a friend not needed anymore.

    I looked into the night sky on that fateful night.
    I saw a star begin to flicker, like a fading light.

    They say a star fades when a life comes to an end,
    But for you God made an exception; that rule he did bend.

    He reignited the flickering star so we can look above,
    To see that star shining bright, showering us with love.

    Stars may fade, but the light lives on somewhere.
    Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

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    Those who are near and dear to us may shine in our hearts forever like stars.

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  21. 19. Back To The Start

    • By Rita Box
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2017

    In memory of all family members who have passed but are never forgotten...people who have inspired me throughout my life. It's funny, you think of them with a smile; then you think of their passing with a heavy heart and sadness. But to bring myself back to today, I go back to things they've done to make me smile.

    Holding Onto Memories

    Step into a memory,
    Of all the years that have passed.
    Remember all the good times,
    The ones locked in to last.
    Sometimes your heart has broken,
    All shattered, torn and sad,
    Like when you lose a loved one,
    The best friend you had.
    But memories last a lifetime,
    They are planted in your heart,
    So look at all the sad things,
    Then turn them to the start,
    To the memory of the time that passed,
    The times that made you laugh.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I wish my Meme had not passed. It has been five years since that fateful and really sad day.

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  22. 20. Goodbye Stars

    • By Barbara Lee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2016

    I live alone with an estranged family. I write poems on Facebook to my friends; it helps my healing. I write very quickly in the moment, so my poems reflect emotional moments of how I am feeling at a particular moment in time.

    Losing Famous People In 2016

    We loved you all.
    Now you've had your call.
    We saw you smile,
    And all the while
    You were living a dream.
    Life in the movies, on the telly,
    Is not what it seems.

    We loved you all.
    Now you've had your call.
    You gave us music, laughter,
    A story on the screen.
    It was all worthwhile.
    We loved you all.
    Now you've had your call.

    May you dance and sing and tell
    A story up there,
    And we will share
    All you gave,
    So here's a wave.
    We loved you all.

    Goodbye to all the actors, singers, and musicians who passed away this year.

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