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  1. A Way To Give

    Giving And Sharing

    Focus on self only makes
    the world a dreary place to live.
    But you make it a brighter scene
    when you find a way to give.

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    "Leave a gift for someone
    who won't find out it's from you."
    That is hitting the bull's eye of generosity, and it's fun.

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  3. Afterwards

    • By Wilton Parr
    • Published: January 2009
    How Will You Be Remembered

    When word comes that you are gone
    what will be said of you?
    Those who only knew you casually
    will say charitable platitudes.

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    This is such an interesting point of view, and honestly, I believe we should start having more in-depth speeches for those who have passed at funerals now. This poem has changed my thinking!

  4. The Dream

    • By Steven
    • Published: March 2008
    Hope For Staying Clean After Addiction

    The dream of getting out.
    We live in a place where fear walks around like a school yard bully.
    It's in our face every minute of every day.
    There is a nothingness about fear.

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    Hi this poem touched me. I have a son that is very lost and is deeply using drugs. He is in so much emotional and physical pain and I feel hopeless because I have tried everything to help...

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  6. Be Happy For What You've Got

    Everything You Do Matters

    Help the homeless,
    Feed the poor.
    A job's a job,
    Even sweeping floors.

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    It's a great truth. Wish we could all see our lives just like you described it here. Good poem.
    Jac Judy A Campbell

  7. One Kind Word

    One kind word can change a thought,
    It can change an opinion,
    Change a mind.

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  8. Caring

    • By June Atkinson
    • Published: April 2020
    Caring And Kindness

    Be kind and caring in all that you do
    Because no one knows what another goes through.
    Be kind and caring in all that you say.
    If you can't be kind, sit down and pray.

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  10. Coronavirus - Have You Seen

    Poem Thanking Doctors And Nurses

    Have you seen the doctors who hardly get to sleep?
    From sad weary eyes, silent tears they weep.
    They're battling to save hundreds of lives,
    Yet see so many dying right before their eyes.

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  11. Going Forward

    Teach me patience, when there is anger,
    Teach me strength, when there is injustice,
    Teach me compassion, when there is need,
    Teach me empathy, when there is sadness,

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  12. Who To Be...

    A Realization Of What Is Truly Important In Life

    Each day unveils an opportunity,
    What sort of person do I want to be?
    Focus on myself, look out for number one?
    Regret is what lingers when all's said and done.

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  13. Looking Out For Others

    Volunteer To Help Those In Need

    What does it take to be a volunteer?
    Must you travel afar, or is there someplace near
    Where there is a need that is evident--
    Where someone would think you were heaven sent

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