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What event in the life of a teenager could be more epic than high school graduation? Graduation marks the end of an important period of your life and the beginning of your life as an adult. It can be exciting and intimidating, happy and sad, all at the same time. Whatever you decide to do with your life after graduation, whether it is going to college, travelling, or just taking a small break, always remember to follow your dreams with confidence. If you do so, wherever life takes you next, it is sure to be a great adventure.


High School

  • By Stanasia M. NoHeart
  • Published: June 6, 2016
Poem About A High School Experience

Walking in a senior's territory,
Hoping not to get lost on the first day.
Scared of all the rumors of being shoved in lockers,
Or trying to find new friends along the way.

High school is scary,
With almost 2000 other kids in sight.
Some familiar faces,
Well, maybe it will be all right.

End of the school year,
It wasn't too bad.
Now it's time for three more years.
I hope it goes fast.

Start of sophomore year,
Looking at the freshman now.
Hey, it's okay, kid,
I was there last year.

Old friends become best friends,
High school is pretty cool.
Homecoming, here we come,
We will rule this school.

End of the school year,
Only two years left.
It's going by so fast,
Gone like a blink of an eye.

Junior year: new school, new me,
I miss all my friends.
I hope they miss me.
Time to make friends.

Formal night here I come,
Time to have some fun.
Friends and a boyfriend,
I feel so grown up.

End of the year already,
Well, that was fun.
Now I only have one more year,
It's going faster than I thought.

Start of senior year,
It's all fun and games.
Last homecoming dance,
It's getting pretty insane.

I have lots of friends now,
Even made student of the month.
This is my last few weeks of high school,
It's getting pretty tough.

High school is stressful,
But it's worth it in the end.
Have fun at prom,
And take pictures with friends!

I'm not ready to leave,
But I am at the same time.
Only six more days,
And I'll be done.

Class of 2016,
Graduation will be fun.
Tears and great friends,
The memories will live on.



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