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  1. Too Much To Ask

    • By Ali Adgate
    • Published: December 2011

    It's hard to be happy when you always feel sad
    It's hard to feel caring when everyone makes you mad
    It's hard not to care when you see them all stare
    It's hard to be unique

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    Your poem is really good it tells exactly how I feel all the time because of your wonderful talent in writing I feel like someone in this life actually understands how I feel. Thank you I...

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  3. Battle Scars

    • By Carol M. Chicane
    • Published: August 2016
    Poem About Surviving Tough Chapters Of Life

    Be brave.
    You already are.
    Look at what you've made it through.
    The wounds of your past have healed.

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    It is a poem which infuses courage to those who have direct experience of war, making them think positively about life, forgetting the bitter past. We also faced a similar situation as a...

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  4. Find You

    • By Abhishiktha R. Reddy
    • Published: May 2020

    Find your soul
    In your thoughts.
    Find your character
    In your speech.

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  6. Artist In Training

    • By Carly Locke
    • Published: October 2015
    Poem About Not Giving Up

    The paint brush is mine
    To have and to hold
    As I stare at the canvas
    I let my story unfold

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    I liked this poem. It was really good and simple but effective. Keep writing.

  7. Let It Show

    You Are Beautiful The Way You Are!

    When you look in the mirror do you see what I can see?
    Your body and your spirit so unbreakable and free
    When I look at every one of you, I hope you know I care.
    I hope you know you're beautiful and not a soul on Earth compares.

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    Erica, I love how you write your beautiful poems. That really makes me feel so wonderful that I can't even express, but I'm feeling pretty sad that you haven't share more poems within the...

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  8. Heartbreak Towards New Light

    Poem About Standing Strong After Breakup

    You made me trust you,
    You made me love you,
    You made me dream that you were the one for me.

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  10. These Little Imperfections

    • By Jewel Dsouza
    • Published: April 2014
    Poem About Not Looking Pretty

    She looked at the mirror
    And stared
    Until she found the tiniest blemish,
    Until she found a strand of hair sticking out,

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  11. Let It Be

    Let it be.
    Let the voices be silent.
    Let the silence soothe.
    Let it be.

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  12. Who Will You Be?

    • By Laila M. Beard
    • Published: June 2017
    Succeeding And Never Giving Up

    Who will you be?
    Will you pass?
    Can you succeed?

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