Mother Child Poem

Poem About the Qualities of a Mother

I wrote this poem when I was in 6th grade. I wrote this to resemble my mother and show all the wonderful and kind things she's done for me and my family.

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A Mother


Published: August 2008

A mother cures those who are weak,
and finds things we seek.

A mother has a heart of gold,
and gives warmth to her children when they are cold.

A mother is tough, her army is strong,
because she is meant to be here for very long.

A mother is someone you can trust
who will not throw your needy words into the dust.

A mother provides food to her family that she is given,
she will always love her husband, pets, and children.

Most mothers' true dream is to raise us here,
without pain, struggle, or fear.

A mother may weep, greave, or cry,
but she has a family to cure and open her eyes.

I know these things because I have a mother, sweet and kind.
She loves us more than our minds could ever find.


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