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Poem About A Mother's Love Being A Gift

A poem about a mother's deep and abiding love.

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My mom was my true friend, but she is not with me now. She passed away when I was 5 years old. When my mom died, my grandma and my stepmom started torturing my siblings. It was the hardest...

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A Mother's Love Is Forever


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2006 with permission of the Author.

I've been with you
since before your birth.
I'll stand by your side
as long as I'm on this earth.

A mother's love is special,
a never-ending gift.
A love that's always there
if you ever need a lift.

I think of you often,
never missing a day.
My love is forever
and always sent your way.

You're never far from the caring
thoughts in my heart,
no matter how many miles
ever try to keep us apart.

A mother's love, your gift,
the gift I'll always give to you,
as we watch our lives go by,
no matter what you say or do.


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  • Arunla L Yimchunger by Arunla L Yimchunger
  • 7 years ago

Mom, I had never seen someone like you in my life. You always cared for us, and you’ve never left us. We still we’ll remember you if you’re not with us. Mom, you left us, but your love is still alive. Mom, you are no longer with us, but you love will never perish away. We’ll always remember you. Love you, my mom!

  • Arunla L Yimchunger by Arunla L Yimchunger
  • 7 years ago

My mom was my true friend, but she is not with me now. She passed away when I was 5 years old. When my mom died, my grandma and my stepmom started torturing my siblings. It was the hardest time we had ever experienced in our life because my mom never tortured us.

Mom, we always miss you. Now in this world, no one loves us as you loved us. Mom, your love is the first and the last. Love you, Mom! We always pray that your soul may be in paradise in heaven. God bless you, Mom. Love you forever!

  • Marisa Rodriguez by Marisa Rodriguez
  • 9 years ago

I have a 16yr old daughter, Mykayla, and she is truly my guiding light. I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing person.
I'm a single mother and before our mother/grandmother passed away we all lived together and this was all my daughter knew until my craniotomy.
She's been living with her godparents whom are also my best friends since my operation as I was still in the hospital when school started that year.
The original plan was for me to move closer but I'm not able because I'm disabled and receive benefits.
While I know she's thriving and happy being with them, I still want her to come home, but the bigger picture is for her to have a happy high school life with extracurricular activities, great friends/memories and not worry so much about me she feels she needs to be home to care for me.
I miss her so much; I've made it very clear she can come back home any time.
As long as she's being well-cared for and happy, I'm happy but believe me, when I say, "If something were to happen to my baby girl or anything to make her feel unsafe, there will be "HE**" to pay."
Mykayla knows I'll be there no matter the circumstance.
"A Mother's Love Never Ends" is a lovely poem and has effected me in ways you can't imagine.

  • Brianna Koller by Brianna Koller
  • 8 years ago

I love my mother, I have never realized how much she loved me until I read this poem, she loves me very much even if she yells lots.

  • Trinidad And Tobago Westindies by Trinidad And Tobago Westindies
  • 10 years ago

This was a really great poem it opened my eyes to see what my mother has done for me : a job well done!

  • Karina by Karina, Chicago Illinois
  • 10 years ago

This poems hits the spot. I lost custody of my children through divorce. I didn't have the financial and family stability the father has. I'm miles away and pay child support. I am in constant thought of my 2 boys and miss them greatly. I am dying a slow death every day that I can't see, hold or hear them. I was treated at court as if I was the worst parent. I never done any harm other than leave their dad. I got the worst end of the stick and feel as they have passed away. I have no money or family to try to win them back. I don't know of their days or nights. Other that they are taken care of. I'm not part of their lives. I only wait and hope someone will hear my story and help me in returning my sons to me. I don't want to uproot them just want to be able to visit them. Let them know I didn't abandon them and LOVE them immensely. No words are ever enough that can express or describe the agonizing pain of losing the greatest gift of my 2 sons.

  • Shannon by Shannon
  • 14 years ago

This poem means a bit to me due to the fact that my daughter is not with me anymore...she was sent to go live on my sisters farm, where she is homeschooled, because she was getting into so much trouble here. She's 12, and wonderful, and capable of so much more than she doing. Thank you for giving me a way to express my feelings to her!

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