Growing Up Poem

How To Build A Stronger Relationship With Your Small Child

This poem is about a father who doesn't give his child enough time, enough time to see how loving and special a child can be. The poem is basically wanting daddy to spend more time with the child.

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A Poem To Daddy


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2013 with permission of the Author.

It's fair to say you've been there from the very start,
But is it enough to just drop in for this tiny heart?
You only get one chance to teach these tiny feet.
It's not enough to come here to just watch me sleep.
Mummy tries to tell you to come and play with me,
Maybe then you'll find the love hiding deep inside for me.
I can make you love me,
I can make you see, although I love my mummy, I wish my daddy loved me.
So please, I beg you daddy, hold my hand and see,
That you don't need mummy to spend some time with me.
I know how to talk and I know how to play,
But you only ever give me a few hours of a day.
Watch me teach you daddy what all I can do.
Then maybe you won't get so frustrated and give up on me too.
I'm just asking for a daddy who puts me before a plane.
I'm a human being daddy, not a little game.
I love you so much daddy, but it's hard to show I care,
Because one minute you're here and the next minute you're there.
I hope you don't forget me, and I hope you start to see,
That time is moving faster daddy and I've gone from 0 to 3.


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