Broken Friendship Poem

Backstabbing Friends

My name is Mandy Nobles... this poem is about thinking you have a friend or friends and then you finally realize when it's too late that they really aren't your friend, that they are backstabbing you the whole entire time.

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Published: July 2007

This world is so cruel,
No one cares about who you really are.
All you want to do is scream,
Even though you can't.
Why do people have to say stuff behind,
Your back to everyone,
Pretending you're not even there,
Spreading rumors down the hallway,
In the bathroom, even outside?
Why spread rumors when,
You can just tell the truth?
So, listen here people, get all the facts,
Before you believe someone's lies,
Because you never know when you are getting lied to.
Choose your friends wisely,
Because if you don't you'll end up like me,
In this big black hole, depressed, lonely,
And wanting to kick and scream.
Don't make the same mistake I did.



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