Graduation Poem

I love my sister. I wrote this to show her my love. I also dedicate this to all of the class of 2009. When I showed this to my family, they had tears in their eyes. We are proud of her. I inspired her with my poem,; she is going to use it in her valedictory speech. This is what she did in high school.

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Congratulation Sis Of 09


Published: May 2009

To my sister
I know time is tough
With our family
I want to tell you
The day has come for you
In May of 2009
You're Graduating

You accomplished mom's wish
You're number one
You're brilliant
You're beautiful
You have the passion

High school was no trouble for you
Four years breeze by you
Attend each day of school
Seated before the doors were closed
Pen and paper ready for learning
Took notes carefully
Pass the test with a 100% or more
Report card shows A+

Friends beside you
Lots of smiles and laughs to go around
Even without a cell phone
There was no time for parties or sweethearts
Just studies and babysitting
Gone to a few dances and games
Mom had to pick you before 10 p.m.
Entertainment was limited
Friday after school run up the electricity bill

You not only did it for mom's wish
Or for any else
You did it for yourself
You challenge yourself
To face on the outside

Mom's wish is not over
It's just the beginning
You finish high school as number one
She wants to see you get these degrees
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
Doctor's degree

Mom is proud of you
Your brothers are proud of you
Your sister is proud of you
Grandma is proud of you
Your aunties and uncles are also
I Am Proud of You

You're intelligent
You're gorgeous
You have the spirit
To be number one
Don't stop
Keep reaching Higher
Your family is behind you all the way
We all support you


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