Heartbreak Poem by Teens

We use counting to get us through so many things. When we can't fall asleep, we count sheep. When we're angry, we count to ten. I used that method to get over the boy who didn't love me anymore. I counted the days that passed as I tried to move on.

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Count The Days

© more by Elizabeth Shears

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017 with permission of the Author.

You're right there, yet you're so far away.
And I'm still counting down the days
That pass as I try my best to move on.
The love I thought was there is gone.
I've tried to be all you wanted me to be,
But there's really no room in your heart for me.
I'm over the ending. Just not over you.
But we both know you don't feel the same as I do.
You ruined everything I thought would last.
You spoiled the future and ruined our past.
You said you loved me, but that's not true,
Though I forced myself to believe in you.
The endless number of days that go by,
I can't seem to move on, and I ask myself why.
I know these feelings may never go away.
I'll just wipe my tears and keep counting each day...


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