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Missing Dad Poem From Baby

A baby speaks from the womb about missing her Daddy and how hard it for her Mother being a single Mom

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I love this poem. I'm pregnant now and my baby father's and I aren't really getting along right now. He came in the room to ask me if I had an extra blanket, and I held this poem up to his...

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Daddy If You Hear Me


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008 with permission of the Author.

It's dark in here as I swim around in my mommy's womb
I don't have eyes to see yet, but I can feel
I can tell my mommy loves me, she tells me everyday
I feel her cold hands warm up, as she lets me know she's there
I feel the vibration of her voice, as she sings me a lullaby
She eats all my favorite things, even the stuff she shouldn't
Her hands let me know I'm safe as they sooth me to sleep
I know my mommy loves me, I can feel it in her touch...

But my daddy's touch I hardly feel
I know his hands are soft and warm
His voice is firm, I feel the strong vibrations
I look for him at night, wishing his hands could keep me warm
I listen for him in the morning, wondering if he remembers I'm here
My mommy feels sad, I sense her pain too
Could it be because she misses my daddy, the way that I do?

I wonder if my daddy loves me
only his touch can answer that
does he think of me often
or wonder what I look like
is he excited about me
has he thought of a name for me at all
does he worry about me or pray for me
or dream of me at night...

I wonder if he knows how hard mommy is working
to keep me healthy and alive
I wonder if he knows how tired she feels
or of her aches and pains that keep her up at night
I wonder if he hears her cry, the way that I do...

So daddy if you can hear me
I need your touch as much as I need mommy's
I need to feel that you are there, keeping me safe
I want to hear your voice softly soothing me to sleep
I need to know that you love me everyday
and that you are happy that I'm here
I need you to comfort my mommy, she needs you more than ever
she needs to be strong and healthy to keep me alive and well
maybe she feels the same way I do
and just needs to feel your touch too
or maybe you can let her know you love her
and try to understand what she's going through...


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  • Boipelo Morule by Boipelo Morule
  • 4 years ago

This poem really touched me because I have recently separated from the father of my unborn baby, and to think that we will not be sharing this wonderful, joyous experience together breaks my heart even more. As time goes by, you learn that you have to accept and focus more on loving your child and what is also best for me

  • Cecelia Walker by Cecelia Walker
  • 7 years ago

I love this poem. I'm pregnant now and my baby father's and I aren't really getting along right now. He came in the room to ask me if I had an extra blanket, and I held this poem up to his face. I told him to read this out loud to me so I know he was actually reading it. As he was reading this he realized that everything that was said in this poem was everything that we both were doing. I know he feels bad because he realized that everything he was doing was wrong.

  • Grace Stobart by Grace Stobart
  • 7 years ago

Awww! That is soo cute! I love the poem too! I think it is really lovely!

  • Caitlyn Basinger by Caitlyn Basinger, Texas
  • 8 years ago

The father of my child didn't deny it is his but he doesn't want to be in his child's life. I have felt so alone in this whole process and I still wonder if I am ever going to get over the hurt. This poem touches me to my very core.

  • Priscilla by Priscilla, Gauteng Province
  • 9 years ago

The poem is touching in a way that it made me cry, my baby's daddy always tells me how he can't wait to see his baby but every time I suggest to go and see him so that he can bond with his baby he tells me that he is busy. Sometimes I even wonder if he is really happy with the baby coming or if he just says it to make me happy. I really do like the poem. I wish my baby could ask him all these questions that are being asked in this poem once he is born..

  • Shongo Phiti by Shongo Phiti, Munsievile Krugersdorp In Gauteng West
  • 9 years ago

This poem is touching & hurts badly. My baby's father is so ignorant & irresponsible in a way that he denied my 1st baby girl, who is 6 years this year, of a father. When she was born he used to come & visit us but he looked un-sure about our baby even though they looked alike and this baby was planned by both of us. I am pregnant again with his baby & this one was not planned. I nearly did an abortion because I know I am all alone again.This time it's even worse.
He denies my second baby with him again and we went to the scan together out of my wish. When the Dr told us its a boy & congratulated us he gave us a fake smile & when the Dr told us I am 23 weeks he couldn't wait to check a calender on his phone. I was so embarrassed that he felt like it is not his child. I am hurting so bad because we've been together for 11 years now. I feel like running away with my kids!

  • Lorena by Lorena
  • 10 years ago

I love this poem. I am currently pregnant and today the father suggested I get an abortion which hurts me to no end. This is my second child with him he's barely there for our 4 year old and it's obvious we'll be alone with the one on the way. :-(

  • Lister by Lister
  • 11 years ago

This poem has really touched me sometimes I wonder how men think of the unborn child, some don't care at all others may have the love for the woman and unborn child.

  • Deborah Risner by Deborah Risner
  • 14 years ago

The poem has really touched me because I have a 2 year old and he really doesn't know who his dad is because his dad has never really been there for him and I sometimes sit and wonder if he ever hears his voice

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